What Can You Use Self Storage Units For?

What Can You Use Self Storage Units For?

Self Storage units seem to be all about one thing – keeping things that you have no space for in your own home. However, is that really all self storage units are good for? After all, what self storage companies do is provide a space to people. It’s advertised in a way to give people ideas of what to keep within the four walls and security of the warehouses, but we’d like to show you that there’s more that you can do!

Keep Things

It would not be a self storage unit if you didn’t use it to (guess what?!) STORE THINGS! Yes! But besides the commonly kept clothes and books and documents, did you know that we have all sorts of other amazing things that have come through our hallways? We’ve had customers that have stored boats and vintage bikes and all sorts of interesting and rare items. In fact, a small handful of our units are being used to store vast collections too!

If you follow docu-dramas on the television, you may have heard of Storage Wars and Auction hunters. The premise of the show is that when people miss payments on their self storage units, the items within are auctioned away to the highest bidder after the grace period for late payments are up. Not to give away any spoilers to the show, but you’d really be shocked at what weird and fantastic things some people have kept in their self storage units!

Make-shift music studio

Our self storage unit spaces are also good for budding musicians. Generally in the self storage warehouse, we’ve got quiet surroundings as we rarely see customers coming by to pick up their items directly at our facility. The acoustics of a container are wonderful for holding a jam session or practice session with your friends so that you can get your group ready for a musical performance

Make-shift office space

For the same reason that the self storage unit makes a good music studio, it is true also for business owners too! if you have a small headcount or work as a sole proprietor of a business. The serenity helps you to concentrate on what you need to do with daily operations and it makes a perfect environment for doing work. Of course we would advise that you check with the self storage managers to allocate you to a quiet corner away from those budding musicians we were just talking about.

Exercise and Equipment Hold

There are a lot of community exercise groups springing up, least of all is the Cross Fit phenomenon that has groups of people congregating to egg each other on and keep exercising and staying fit. Many a times, these fitness groups combine their resources to take rent out on a space to exercise and also the exercise equipment and paraphernalia that they use (such as weight, medicine balls, mats, etc). The larger self storage units are perfect solutions to the dilemma of finding that exercise space for groups like these.

Super Cheap Self Storage Sydney doesn’t offer storage in fixed units, ours are portable units. Providing solutions for people in need of storage is what we do best.