Things You Need To Know About Self Storage

Things You Need To Know About Self Storage

What is up with the self storage industry these days? What are all these new services that are being added on and are they really of any use to me? In the good old days, people were absolutely contented with how their traditional self storage companies were serving them. Why did things have to go and change?

The “old school” of self storage used to be able to provide a pretty fantastic way of doing things, people were just interested in getting their things moved out into a safe and secure space and that is exactly what the big companies of the days of yore would provide. Now, self storage companies are starting to step it up and provide you lots of add-on services to make things that much simpler for you! We highlight them here…

Packing and Loading Services

Perhaps the biggest hassle with moving things into a self storage unit is having to lug things around, especially if you’ve got big and bulky items like an old refrigerator or even a worn out couch. Not everybody has the muscle power and headcount to carry all these things out of their house and to the storage warehouses, so self storage companies have gathered teams that are able to help you “move in” to your storage unit with their help!

Climate Control

Some items going into storage can be quite valuable. In our experience, we have customers that sometimes keep art and good quality wine in their storage units. Some people even keep their winter clothes or costumes inside the self storage units and are worried about what the weather and environment may do to their things if they were kept inside the unit for a long period of time. Climate Controlled units will be able to help regulate temperatures and will help to minimise if not eliminate the impact of humidity and microorganisms on the items within.


Instead of having to source for external vendors for insurance some self storage companies have started underwriting their own insurance plans. This is so important for the worried self storage renter who wonders if his items will be safe, not only for the period of storage, but throughout the transit and loading to get their items there! Providing in-house insurance is a good way for self storage companies to put a seal of reliability on their brand and let people know that they take their responsibility over the items in their care seriously!


And best feature of it all, is that with Super Cheap Self Storage in Sydney, you no longer have to worry about making a long journey to the self storage facilities, braving traffic and unfamiliar terrain. These special companies have discovered the beauty of making things convenient for their customers and have undertaken the job of traveling themselves! It’s a great boon to all the customers who are short on time and are worried about how they’re going to get the right vehicle to make the trip with all their things! With this feature, you can make use of self storage units right from your doorstep!

And if you’ve thought that you’ve seen it all, we’ll have you know that the industry keeps evolving! Every day, the self storage companies are thinking up better ways to serve their customers and to bring the benefit self storage to average man in a simpler way. And Super Cheap Self Storage is no different! We offer the above at our facilities all across Australia and hope to make it easy for you to make use of our self storage services too!