Storing a Hot Air Balloon

Storing a Hot Air Balloon

As a business owner, Mark Sindone oversees the majority of the day to day operations at the Inner West Sydney Super Cheap Self Storage facilities and also sometimes gets to personally work with the clients in settling the administrative procedures of settling into the storage units and also working through unique situations like one-of-a-kind items that need to find a protective space within the walls of the Super Cheap Self Storage plywood mobile storage unit.

One of the most memorable items that Mark has had the opportunity to keep and store was a big and bulky hot air balloon! It was an interesting discussion between him and the owner of the rather rare and unique item. The hot air balloon wasn’t owned by a company but rather by a man who happened to be an avid flyer and had used the hot air balloon himself on holiday weekends and day trips out in the country.

Mark was very intrigued by it and had a good conversation with the owner as to how to go about with the proper keeping and storage of the item. It worked out that since Super Cheap Self Storage’s main storage units were made of plywood, that a great amount of humidity and temperature control could be afforded for the materials that went into making the hot air balloon and that was the reason that the owner chose Super Cheap Self Storage to be the storage company to keep his precious balloon.

As luck would have it, the hot air balloon was slated for a pretty short term stay within the Super Cheap Self Storage facilities. The owner only needed to acquire a clean and safe place to store the balloon while he handled his own business in the meanwhile, after which he would come back to retrieve the balloon and take it back into his own possession. So because of the short tenure that was involved, Mark offered a free storage period in exchange for a chartered flight with the owner of the balloon – a fantastic opportunity to experience something that many do not have the chance to in their lifetime.

Alas, the owner gave a chuckle and pat Mark on the back and declared that as much as he would love to take him up on the offer of free storage, the balloon was out of commission for the time being and needed a fair bit of repairs to the damage in the fabric before it was air-worthy again. That was also partially the reason why he needed a good place to store his balloon – so that whatever damage and tears to the balloon could be minimalised during the period that he handled his business.

But not to worry, Mark says that after the owner received his hot air balloon back he was quite pleased with the service and standard of storage and was sure to let Mark know when the hot air balloon was ship-shape again – Mark is already looking forward to the day!

And that’s just one in many stories that you’ll hear about at the Super Cheap Self Storage facilities in Inner West Sydney!