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The old fashion way, this is how it works with fixed storage units; you bring everything to the facility yourself to load it into the storage unit.

I wouldn’t recommend it, as you miss out on the biggest advanatage of the storage units being portable, but … it’s an option; if for some reason that’s what you need; we offer you that option.
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We bring the storage unit to your location, and while we service other clients, you have plenty of time to load it yourself.

When you’re done, which means … when you locked the storage unit yourself … we pick up the storage unit and bring it back to the storage warehouse.

With the Standard storage service you get all the advantages of our moving pods, while keeping it cheap.Read More

We can do all the loading for you, especially for large or heavy moves, this would be recommended.

While loading your storage unit, our removalists will make sure everything is wrapped with protective padding and stacked safely for transport to the warehouse.

With the Premium storage service you just need to put everything ready and you’re done.Read More

If you want us to do everything, starting with packing everything and moving it out of the premise we can do that as well.

We send you a team of professional packers and movers and then you can just sit back and relax while everything is done for you.Read More

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With our Traditional Service, you do the packing, lifting and transportation.

With the Traditional Storage Service, you’ll be doing the packing, loading and transportation yourself.You pack and load your goods into a truck or van and deliver them to our safe and secure warehouse. We will have your storage module ready to go and easily accessible at the back of your vehicle. No more unloading your items into a goods lift or long walks with a trolley.

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With our Standard Storage Service, you pack and load; we cover the transportation. You pack your goods and our professional mover will deliver your module/s to your door for you to load.

With the Standard Service, you box and pack your own goods ahead of time, how you do it is up to you. But don’t worry, our experts are here and ready to give you all the advice and tips you need over the phone. We’ll make sure you get the right sized module for your specific needs, and give you a precise quote

Before the module arrives on your preferred pick-up date, you need to pack your goods ready to be moved. Feel free to ask our friendly team for packing advice, we can even supply packing materials for you.

When the module/s arrive, we offer expert advice on how to load your module – we want you to maximise the space inside and ensure everything is safe for transportation and storage.


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What makes our Premium Storage Service so popular is that it offers so much. While you have to do so little.

In fact, about all you really need to do is call us, tell us what need to store, and when you need to store it, and we’ll take it from there. Our experts will tell you which of our portable modules is right for you — either our 7 cubic meters Mini-Mod or our 10 cubic meters Maxi-Mod. Then they’ll give you a quote, set a pick up date, and let you forget that you ever worried about how to store your goods.

With our Premium Storage Service, you get:

  • The right sized Portable Module you’ll need, delivered right to your home or business.
  • Two expert movers and their travel time.
  • Loading all of your items safely into the Portable Module.
  • Protective padding to secure the items in place, which keeps them safe when being transported to our facility.
  • Delivery of your locked Portable Module to our secure, weatherproof, monitored warehouse.

When the day arrives we will deliver the Portable Module to you, then you can sit back and grab a coffee while our AFRA trained professional movers do the heavy lifting for you. Our team will take care of your goods and come with experience and know-how to make sure your goods are packed and loaded efficiently and safely for transport. They will also bring along extra protection for your items should it be needed. Once the job is done, we’ll take your locked and loaded Portable Module back to our facility for safe and secure storage.

It’s as easy as that. You pack your goods but leave the lifting to us.

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Receive a royal treatment with our Platinum Storage Service. Literally without lifting a finger!

From packing and removal to loading, transporting, and everything in between, all you really have to do is give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest for you. With our Platinum Storage Service, our expert team will bring all the necessary packing supplies to your home or business, safely pack your items, load them into the portable storage module that best fits your needs, and take your locked module back to our warehouse for storage. Your role? Just tell us when you want all this to happen! We’ll give you a quote, set a date, and let you go on with your days worry free.

With our Platinum Storage Service, you get:

  • A team of AFRA trained professional movers that will come to your home or business ready and equipped to pack all your goods.
  • The right sized Portable Module and packing materials you’ll need.
  • Loading all of your items safely into the Portable Module by our professional movers.
  • Protective padding to secure the items in place, which keeps them safe when being transported to our facility.
  • Delivery of your locked Portable Module to our secure, weatherproof, monitored warehouse.

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