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Moving Furniture is a delicate affair.

At Super Cheap Self Storage, you can trust us to handle everything with just the right touch.


Super Cheap Self Storage is the cheapest storage solution for all your special furniture storage needs.

It’s always important to take precautions when handling bulky items, especially if they are more fragile and susceptible to damage like heirloom and antique pieces. Misjudging the size of a door frame or a misstep while coming down the stairs could potentially diminish the value of your most valuable pieces.

With Super Cheap Self Storage, you can trust that our team of expert removalists are trained and skilled to help you handle these items with the professionalism and precision required. With our premium service, we’ll bring along our repertoire of tools and equipment, the experience to tackle any problem and the strength to maneuver all your precious furniture piece safely into our Mobile Storage Modules.

And we’ll help you buckle everything down for FREE!

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We know that just having your furniture out the door is not the end of the story. The transit from one place to the next can be just as harrowing and scary as physically moving the items, even if they are meant to be stationery in the container!

Most companies exploit you and charge hundreds of dollars for the extra padding. And having to source for the padding on your own can be stressful and tiring if you don’t know where to look. Super Cheap Self Storage is happy to provide you protective padding to give your furniture the extra buffer to keep it safe from scrapes and scuffles while it’s on the move. We’ll ensure that each item has just the right amount of padding fixed on before it is carefully arranged within your Mobile Storage Unit

Finally, even while your items are stored away in our extra-secure, weatherproof warehouse, rest assured that your items are protected from the elements. Especially for upholstery and wood pieces which are prone to moisture damage or mildew growth, and even metal items which are inclined to rust, they are safe inside our Mobile Storage Units which are made of high quality industrial plywood. That means that the porous material will allow an inflow and outflow of air, keeping the interior of your personal Mobile Storage Unit as fresh as the day you sealed it.

Your furniture is in SUCH good care, even the Storage Unit is taking care of them!

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