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Frequently Asked Storage Questions !?!

Q. What’s so special about Super Cheap Self Storage?

FOR starters, Super Cheap Self Storage has prepared a platoon of mobile storage modules that are transportable, right to where you are! We’ve got 2 very flexible options available for you to decide exactly how you’d like us to help with your moving requirements. We’re absolutely ready to help you load up the vehicles (Premium Storage Service), or even just arrive on time to so you can pack everything into our trucks yourself (Standard Storage Service). Our extra hands are definitely the more popular choice though since you barely have to lift a finger while our handy removalists take care of the heave lifting!
Our portable storage units are really so convenient for you; we’ll definitely be helping get rid of a lot of unwanted stress and worry when we step in to give you efficient and cost effective management of your items going into storage.

Q. You were saying there are 2 storage services (Premium and Standard) that are available?

DEFINITELY! Being in the business of moving furniture around for so long, Super Cheap Self Storage is well aware that sometimes people need to be able to choose what suits them best. We’re glad to help you make that decision by giving you 2 absolutely great plans for you to select from.
Now these plans can really be changed up and around depending on how much assistance you need on the big moving day.
With our Standard Storage Service – we send our guys over with our portable and breathable containers for you to load up just the way you like it. And when you’re ready, you just need to signal our guys to “get on with it” and bring everything safely to our warehouses for safe keeping.
With our Premium Storage Service, Super Cheap Self Storage is glad to offer you 2 more skilled and experienced professionals (who are our “Removalists”). They are trained to manage and organize your packed items, maneuvering them in the best and safest way possible in our vehicles before transportation to our facilities. Our Removalists have also been taught the fine art of packaging and bundling of items so that damage is minimized not only during loading and unloading but during transit as well. You just need to point out what you need pack and our team will be pleased to help you do take care of the dirty work.

Q. So what do I have to pay?

OUR Premium Storage Service is normally charged at $296.00 for your first Mobile Storage Unit and an additional charge of $148.00 for each subsequent unit. You’ll be glad to know that these storage prices are inclusive of getting out a team to you in terms of time and transport – meaning the truck and its rental charges are all in it too!
One hour at your location (which is normally enough to take care of things) is included as well for loading up the transport vehicles and this is per unit. If our guys have easy access and everything is ready to go on arrival, we’ll be in and out of there possibly even before the hour is up, but just in case, if we really need more time, we only charge every 15 minutes of extra time at $148.00 per hour.

Q. I’d like to bring my stuff to the Super Cheap Self Storage warehouse by myself. Can I do that?

OF course! Super Cheap Self Storage actually loves customers who are proactive and want to be more hands on with their stuff. Sometimes handling things on your own just makes more sense and keeps things much simpler and way cheaper. We love to help you keep costs low so we definitely don’t want to charge you for making the effort to bring your things in personally. All you need to do if you choose to do things this way, is to take care of the super low monthly storage rent.

Q. When are the Removalists free?

OUR capable Super Cheap Self Storage Removalist and Specialist teams work from Monday to Saturday at 3 time slots on these days. They are free to come by between 7:00AM to 8:00 AM, between 9:00AM to 12:00PM, and between 12:00PM to 4:00PM.
Because moving and transporting is such a physically strenuous work, our guys are resting on Sundays or public holidays and we take a break.

Q. What if I need my items urgently!?

IF the situation is more pressing, our storage facilities are open between 9:00AM to 4:00PM, on Mondays to Fridays and 9:00AM to noon on Saturdays and you can come by for free! We would certainly like to be able to help you with whatever you may need while you’re at our facilities (strong men, forklifts, security guys, etc…) so please do give us 2-business days notice for us to arrange the whole entourage to help with your requests on your visiting day. We just want to ensure that your experience with us goes as smoothly as possible.
But we do understand that sometimes things can’t be predicted. Sometimes there isn’t a chance to give us a heads up. But not to worry! Our offices are dedicated to meet your needs, so as we’ve said before, our promise is to give you the best storage experience possible. Super Cheap Self Storage will arrange our most capable person to assist you on special circumstances as quickly as we can. For urgent service, we charge $100.00/module.

Q. What happens if I have to stop my contract?

WE humbly request 1 to 2 weeks advance notice, just as a courtesy to our administrators who handle all the paperwork and legalities. When you claim and relocate your items, we want to make sure that we’re able to quickly and efficiently bring your items to your attention, whether you need us to bring your Mobile Storage Unit to your location for unloading or whether you choose to claim them at our warehouses. Again because our Removalists are only available from Mondays to Fridays, do book us early so we can confirm and give you a definite date for delivery and unloading.
In the best case scenario, the more time you are able to give us, the better it is to ensure a smooth transition on the day that handover is done.

Q. What are my options to retrieve my items?

WHETHER it’s a temporary retrieval or you are clearing out your storage unit, our team is there for you to ease all the hard work and heavy lifting. We offer the same services for moving your belongings back to your location as we do to take your items to our facilities. Everything will remain just as secure and protected inside its Mobile Storage unit until you choose to access it, and if you dropped things off personally, you can choose to pick things up personally too!
Our Removalists and Specialists are always on the ball in case you should change your mind though; so do give us notice if you need more help at any point of time to arrange for them to be there for you.

Q. I’m sold! Please take my money!?

THANK you for choosing us! For longer term rental contracts, we just need the advance rental fee as a deposit to get started on our administrative work and legal documents. Once the deposit of a refundable $100.00 has been made and once we’ve finalized the dates of the move and finalized the services we’ll be providing you, the friendly team helping you out will get the final bill for the remainder of any rental fees. These need to be paid on the date that you’ve moved in.
Further monthly or annual fees need to be made in advance on the anniversary of the date you “moved in”.

Q. Are you sure my things will be ok?

WE’LL take care of everything! Our warehouses have round the clock security services watching all of our portable units because we know how precious and irreplaceable your belongings are. The quality of the plywood container housing has been researched to provide the best long term care possible such that your items rest in a breathable “bed”.
Our Super Cheap Mobile Storage Units are lock-enabled; you can even use your own padlock and shackle (7mm), or Super Cheap Self Storage can supply them for you at $13.00. You are the only one who will have direct access to your belongings and this is a fantastic personalized, added control over the security Super Cheap Self Storage provides you so you can have no doubt of the safety and protection of your items.

Q. I only need the Mobile Storage Unit for a short period. Can I still use Super Cheap’s Storage solutions?

SUPERCHEAP tenure offers start from just 1 month and up can go up to several decades. We obviously give unbelievable discounts the longer you stay with us, but we always put the customer first. We are flexible whenever you want to decrease or increase your tenure with us as long as you give us advance notice for the legal and administrative work.

Q. I’m going to take up some insurance, I hope you don’t mind.

Super Cheap Self Storage is all about you and we even encourage our customers to have that extra protection by offering the services of our affiliate – AON insurance. Their Storage Content Insurance costs $1.50 per every $1000 of cover per month, with a minimum cover of $5,000. Super Cheap Self Storage will be happy to supply further information at our office or by phone and email; we’ll be happy to provide you more details on how you can better protect your belongings.
WE also would advise our customers to look up on insurance for your items during transit. Especially if there are long haul transportation legs in the relocation, you may want to consult with our partner who has been able to give many of our customers’ competitive quotes at or your own home and contents provider.

Q. How much can I fit in your Mobile Storage Units?

Super Cheap Self Storage units come in two sizes, 7m3 (Sydney only) 1.8m*2.4m*1.6m or 10m3 (all locations) 1.8m*2.4m*2.55m, (maximum length of stored items, 2.4m)

Q. Is 1 Mobile Storage Unit enough?

WE’VE got our friendly staff who are there to help you take stock and advise you what would really be the best for your needs right now but if you need a quick quote, have a quick visit to our storage calculator for a gauge on how much storage you’ll need.
For most situations, our Mobile Storage Unit is adequate for a small one bedroom or studio apartment. Any additional rooms would require an additional unit, for example: two bedrooms would need 2 storage units, 3 bedrooms would need 3 mobile units and so on.

Q. How much money is it again?

WE’LL give you reasonable estimates depending on how many Mobile Storage Units you’ve rented and at what size they are. In additional, longer tenures tend to get bigger discounts and the more you rent from us, the lower our prices can go!
If you’re totally in it for the storage, we can even offer you a strictly no access facility on the long term where our 10m3¬¬ MAXI portabloe storage units are priced at rock-bottom just for you – your items go into our safe-keeping and with limited to no access, you’ll be privy to the cheapest prices you’ll ever have set eyes on.

Q. Where else are your facilities?

Super Cheap Self Storage Solutions started off in Australia where we are in all major cities and suburbs. WE are now pleased to serve you in Beijing China as well with more facilities and warehouses coming your way! Stay tuned!

Q. I love what you can do for me! Can you bring me to another country/state?

Super Cheap Self Storage is just starting up in Beijing but we hear what you’re saying! That’s why we’re really trying to get ahead with our operations here in China. We are all over Australia but continually expanding every day! Super Cheap Self Storage facilities really want to bring out storage solutions to everybody and not only to Australians, but to people all around the world. There are so many people to help with our storage solutions and so little time…..

Q. So should I start packing?

What about NOW?
WE’D love to offer you some help if you’d like! Our specialists and Removalists are trained to pack, load and get your things on the move in the hour! 2 of our best men will be sent over to your location ahead of time and they’ll take about an hour per room with an extra 2-3 hours for the kitchen. We charge pre-packing labour at $148.00/hr and that includes the packing and padding materials.

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