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Your business storage needs ARE our business!

Because of the way our business storage solutions are structured, we are the perfect partners for you! Our flexible contracts and super affordable prices make it perfect for your inventory, or extra equipment, or even just some holding space for items while you make a move to expand your office.


Any business, any time, for anything, we’ll have a Super Cheap Storage Solution for you.

With our cost-efficient storage services, we can guarantee that you’ll have savings that will not only profit your business, but will help to speed up and streamline your business operations! Why would we want to help you out? Because when you do well, we do well!

Here’s some of the ways that Super Cheap Self Storage has been able to provide a long-lasting and economical storage solution for other businesses in Australia:

Inventory Space

While in the midst of getting better facilities, we could act as the temporary holding store. This would also work for businesses that only have seasonal inventory.

Holding Space

For the growing business! Perfect for storage of office furniture and files that aren’t being used in all the confusion. This is also great even if you are renovating a section of your office or retail store.

Document Storage

For documents that need to be kept for a prerequisite period of time, a good idea might be to keep them offsite than at the office itself

Long-term Storage

Some items may be required on a regular basis, just not often enough to be kept on the office premises itself. Like sales stand for conferences.

Our flexible contracts and super affordable storage prices make it perfect for your inventory, or extra equipment, or even just some holding space for items while you make a move to expand your office.

Why does our business storage work?

  • We cut out the need for any middleman! There’s no need to deal with multiple vendors just to get your items to its final destination. All our services from handling and packing, to transportation and obviously the storage is handled by us in-house! Your portable storage unit goes from your office straight to our storage facility and greatly reduces the logistics headache!
  • The containers are 100% safe because you’ll have your own personal lock and chain on your Mobile Storage Module, and once it’s sealed in your presence you’ll hold the key!
  • Our warehouses will ensure your items are safer still – they are monitored around the clock on our private premises in weatherproof facilities.
  • Super Cheap Self Storage has excellent accessibility options available for you so you can visit your items without any additional charges from Monday to Saturday if you need to have quick access to your inventory or stock. All this while keeping the items out of the way!
  • We’ve got the years of expertise and all the trained skill to advise create a storage solution for you in whatever situation that may come along. If you think you have something unique, we’ll try our best to understand all your needs so that we can guarantee that we’ll meet your expectations.
  • Our team is dedicated to helping you out so that even though your storage solution with us is Supercheap, it’s also Super Good at the same time!

But WAIT! There’s MORE!

As always, we want to make sure that at Super Cheap Self Storage, our business storage solution is a comprehensive one. That’s why we offer more services on top of our storage services so that you really only need to go to one place for all your answers. Here’s what else we can do for you:

  • Interstate Connectivity – If you’ve got to go a little farther than down the street, don’t worry about it! Our promise is that we’ll help you get from here to there. Just give us a heads-up so that we can arrange the best route for you!
  • Dismantling and Rebuilding – Trust us to get your fixtures like cubicles, workstations and/or shelving taken down quickly and with the best of care and set right back up again in the new location with no fuss and no muss; good as new.
  • Special Handling – Some items just need an extra light touch, or some extra muscle. No matter what equipment it may be – machinery, artwork, computer hardware or anything else really, trust our trained and professional team to handle everything just as you would have yourself.
  • Asset Disposal Service – For all the leftovers, you can trust us to clear out your sensitive items with the utmost discretion and care.

Whatever the job is, wherever you may need us, Super Cheap Self Storage is the Self Storage Solution that is the business for your business.

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