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The storage units are portable, which makes it easy for you, because you don’t have to drive to the storage unit, we bring the storage unit to you.
Portable Storage Units
Our way of working is very flexible, so we offer a wide range of storage solutions, as well for personal belongings or business purposes, large or small, long term or short term; we have a storage solution for you.
Storage Solutions
The storage price depends on volume, quantity and the rental term. Obviously the more or longer you rent the storage space, the lower the cost of storage becomes. And with our different sizes, we can offer you the smallest option to fit your needs, which again keeps the price of storage cheap.
Storage Prices
Not sure how much storage units you might need? Use our storage calculator, select the items you plan on storing and our little calculator will give you the volume of storage you would need.
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We offer a wide range of storage services, including removal services. We can diler the units and let you load themself in your own time and when you’re done, we’ll pick it back up again or we can do the exact opposite and send a whole team of people to start with packing and removal, or anything in between; check out our storage service packages.
Storage Services
Furniture storage is easy as even extra large furniture will still fit in the storage units, and the storage units are strong enough for heavy furniture as well.
Furniture Storage
Frequently Asked Storage Related Questions;

Find here the storage related answer to the most asked storage related questions.
Storage Questions Answered

We can offer you a wide range of storage options for your business storage or office storage.

If you use the storage units for overstock, we can deliver the units to your retail location on a regular basis for you to easily access your stock.
Business, Office and Retail Storage

How our mobile storage solutions work; we have a detailed ‘manual’ for you, so you know exactly what to expect when using our storage service.
How It Works
Our pods are mobile, so you don’t have to come to the storage warehouse to upload or access your storage pods. Mobile storage pods are the modern solution for your storage needs.
Moving Pods

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