Hidden Storage Treasures

Hidden Storage Treasures

This is a short story submitted to us from a client at our Super Cheap Self Storage facility. We just wanted to share with you the funny happening today and hope it brightens up your afternoon!

HI Super Cheap Self Storage,

My family has just recently had to undertake some renovations and we had to move quite a lot of our things out to somewhere while we ourselves looked for alternative places to stay. We actually figured that picking out a storage unit might be the most economical and efficient way to get things done so we did our research and asked around and settled on your services for the day.

We were in the midst of getting our things ready for when the Super Cheap removalists were slated to arrive but because we are on your premium package, we kind of knew that we didn’t have to do much preparation since we took on the Premium Package – the Super Cheap guys could more or less take care of everything once we got things wrapped up and ready to be moved. (That being said, we are definitely impressed with the amount of control that you guys have over the whole process and thank our lucky stars we found you to help us with this undertaking!)

In any case, your professional team of removalists were helping us to get everything all packed up and slowly moved out onto the patio to load into the mobile storage unit and one of the removalists stopped us while he was moving a box full of toys. Now our kids have grown up and moved out, so this must have been some box that was stowed away in the attic for the longest time that we really just forgot all about! So when he brought this box down, it brought back a huge gush of memories for us.

More amazingly, was that he told us that some of the items in there, we should actually take with us instead of putting into storage because it looked like some of the items might be pretty valuable. Now we were quite taken aback when he said that because most of our toys weren’t in the best of condition having been well loved and used by the kids way back when. But we decided to take his advice and we hung on to that box long enough for us to get onto the internet and do a quick Google about the items that were in there.

Long story short, turns out that some of the toys we had in there, 30 over years old mind, WERE really of some value and we made a pretty penny getting the items sold off to the local antiquities shop!

We just wanted to give your team a quick shout-out for being so observant about the items and thank you for voicing out his opinion to us on them! I’m sure there are a lot of other people who have some treasure in their storage unit too and this is a pretty interesting reminder to never discount the items that you have stowed away in your house!