Storage Stories 7

Storage Stories 7

Super Cheap Self Storage is blessed with an amazing scheme of operations that benefit us as a business and also gives immense pleasure to our clients who don’t have to worry about transportation and moving charges when it comes to putting their things into storage. It’s quite something to be offering our clients an option to have a personalised pick-up and drop-off service that minimises any unnecessary work and coordination and we at Super Cheap Self Storage are very pleased and passionate about the way we carry out our business.

Our mobile modules have really been the talking point of our business model and we’ve got lots of clients who’ve actually given us a shout out for the excellent service that we provide with our mobile storage modules. Some of them even tell us about how things used to be for them before they found out about what Super Cheap Self Storage could offer them and how they struggled to get things done with other companies that didn’t offer such services. Needless to say, the mobile method has really changed the game!

I recall one of our long time customers telling us about an experience he had with trying to get his unit packed up. He had actually rented out a unit with a storage facility that was out of the suburbs area and closer to the side of the highway. Now he’s not a very young man, but neither was he very old – he could certainly manage a few boxes of things on his own. But he was a very busy business man who had to plan for an upcoming overseas trip and get all his items into storage before all that could happen. Imagine how stressful it was for him trying to get everything straightened out in time!

In any case, what makes this a remarkable story is actually how he managed to get everything settled in the end. He originally wanted to try bringing things down to the storage facilities on his own! That way he could arrange things within the unit just the way he wanted and liked. But after trying to bring things down to his storage unit on his own, with some help from his friends, he realised that it would truly take way too long to get everything organized and set up in time.

It was a rather funny sight, because our client only drove a small car – a tiny Hyundai Getz to be exact, so he definitely didn’t do too many trips before realising that there had to be a better way to get everything from one place to the next. After contacting a number of moving companies and asking for advice from friends, he settled with hiring a moving company to help him pack and ship his items from home to the storage facility and that was that!

Now that he’s storing with us, he definitely doesn’t have that problem of logistics to worry about any longer and he’s definitely saving money from having to hire additional parties to step in and help out!