Storage Stories 6

Storage Stories 6

As you know, in Australia, we’ve got some of the most deadly animals in the whole world around our parts. And sometimes, even when you’re living in the suburbs, the critters can find their way into your patio and kitchens and living rooms if you’re not careful.

It’s the same here at our warehouse premises at Super Cheap Self Storage ___________! Our state of the art security systems and 24 hour personnel keeps thieves and potential opportunists out, but sometimes, the possums, rats and sometimes snakes and scorpions seem to find their way on to our grounds and even into the units from time to time! This could happen when we are loading up the unit or when owners come by to check out their items at the facilities and we can never tell when there’s a surprise or 2 in there!

We actually have received calls from our concerned customers once in a while, especially since our units are entirely portable directly to their location. Seems like some of the critters like to lay dormant inside the mobile storage units especially while the whole thing is being transported to the location where our customers are – they’ll only come out once everything has stopped shaking and shifting about. But you’ll be glad to know that most of the time, the animals come out A-okay, just a little bewildered at the change of surroundings. It’s good to know the animals aren’t hurt when they do eventually emerge from inside our storage units, but it can be a shock to the customer who didn’t expect a stowaway together amongst their prized and treasured possessions!

One of the more memorable stories we’ve had is actually one of our removalists giving us a call rather frantically about having discovered a snake that must have slithered its way in somehow. After our customer had opened up his portable storage unit, the team was tasked to help unload the items within as part of our premium services and half way through unloading they found a 3-foot long snake! I can’t quite recall what snake it was, but they called me immediately with how we should go about to help the customer to remove the snake and continue with the move.

Cutting a long story short, we called animal control and told gave them a quick description of the snake and where it was situated. The fellow was rather sedated – probably from having been woken up from its hibernation and as long as we stayed our distance, everything should be okay. We were quite lucky that our customers were very understanding as we settled in to wait for the animal control guys to arrive with their tools and round the snake up. When they had gathered him up and left, we all had a good laugh about things together and continued to finish up the move for our customers.

We waived the time that we had to wait out the animal control guys for our customers and all in all, it was an interesting day for sure – a story to tell lots of friends and relatives about and definitely an experience to remember!