Storage Stories 5

Storage Stories 5

When it comes to self storage, most people have the same general idea – if they need to do a spot of upgrading at home, or just spruce up a room or two, they’re going to need to move things out while they go at it! And for that, there’s only one choice in all of Australia and that’s Super Cheap Self Storage! We’re the best and most convenient storage company in all the states and we’re happy to be entrusted with the safekeeping of your previous household items while you get things done.

Now over the years of operation for us, we’ve seen a great many things come in and out of our doors. You would actually be very surprised by who similar people are in terms of the things that they need to keep. And that includes all sorts of tools for anything from woodworking to major home improvement – screwdrivers and drills, jigsaws and sanders, chisels and axes, vices and clamps… We could probably open up a Mitre 10 outlet with all the tools we’ve helped people to store!

Furniture is also a big percentage of the more common articles – and you’d be amazed at how much stuff comes from IKEA! Almost everybody has the same side table or shelving unit! The interesting thing about storing items that are manufactured to be exactly similar is that when they come into storage, there are little nuances on each piece of furniture that somehow makes it special to each household. Some have been repainted and some have dings and scratches or even scribblings from the kids from time to time – something unique that identifies that piece of furniture as yours!

We have even seen some more unique and hard to come by pieces of equipment and furniture being stored in bulk too! And we’re definitely ready to handle all sorts of different things that you need us to take care of!

The more unique equipment type of items include restaurant kitchen appliances and apparatus; stoves and cold storage, state of the art machines that whisk, tenderise, broil or blanche… Thousands of dollars of business irreplaceable equipment that need a temporary home end up in our storage units because some businesses need a place to store their spare equipment and gear with us while they set up and/or expand their store fronts.

We’ve also seen extremely specialised tools used for mining and logging being loaded up into the storage units too. That could be because of the seasonal nature of some industries – self storage businesses are perfect for medium term storage periods for these businesses that may only operate a few months out of a year and require a safe and secure place to store items for the rest of the year.

And if you think that these items are really something to talk about, wait until you find out about the stash of heirloom furniture and priceless artwork that some people collect!

Whatever things might come through our doors, rest assured that Super Cheap Self Storage will do its utmost to take care of your items for you. Being well trained to manage and handle different items and with our inhouse insurance policies to protect your content from fire and theft, you can trust that we’ll do our very best to provide you with robust and professional self storage service for as long as you need us!