Storage Stories 4

Storage Stories 4

Michael Maloney who is the manager of the Gold Coast Super Cheap Self Storage facilities has quite a number of interesting stories that he has witnessed over the years – sometimes in shock, in glee, in laughter and sometimes in utter disbelief but most recently, an incident happened that had a group of the Super Cheap Self Storage removalists scrambling to help a customer out.

What happens when people are moving homes and getting stuff put away into storage is that at times, they can be pretty flustered and stressed out. It’s easy to be running around helter skelter and getting a bunch of last minute items packed into boxes before the moving and removals guys arrive. What happened was the Gold Coast facilities had a very special customer who was going to get married and he and his wife-to-be had taken a short term rental one of the Super Cheap Self Storage mobile storage units – not only did they have the stresses of moving home on their shoulders, they also had a wedding to plan!

Anyone who has ever gotten married knows that there are a thousand and one things to coordinate when it comes to getting things perfect for the happiest day of your lives, so you can imagine that while you’re in the midst of planning a ceremony and wedding party, as well as trying to get your things cleared up and shipped out to storage, things can get a little crazy.

And things got a little bit more than crazy for the groom-to-be!

He must have been in a big bluster the few hours before he called the Gold Coast storage facilities up asking for an emergency visit to his storage unit. Why? Because the wedding ring might have been left inside the storage unit and the wedding was going to happen the very next day!

Now if that isn’t going to cause a panic then we don’t know what else will! But Michael opened the doors to the poor man and allowed him to come in on short notice and even got a team of employees to assist him with getting his unit into a viewing space and helping him out in a frantic search for that precious little box which held the promise between man and wife.

It was a lucky break that the groom and his wife were pretty meticulous in labelling their storage boxes it didn’t take too long to find the precious ring and salvage it from the depths of the storage unit and right back on the way back home, crisis averted and sighs of relief all around.

We’re happy to announce that we were updated with the happy news of the married couple having their perfect wedding and everything going off without a hitch! The groom called in and gave our team a big thank you and a generous invitation to join in the festivities which we politely declined – all in a day’s work at the Super Cheap Self Storage facilities in Gold Coast!