Storage Stories 3

Storage Stories 3

In the Gold Coast live some of the most affluent people, the coastal region is the playground of some of Australia’s most cosmopolitan and urbane people. Especially because the nature of the city itself is active and lively yet with a coastal vibe to it, a lot of people from all over the world flock to its shores to retire and create vacation homes here.

Some of the items in the Gold Coast Super Cheap Self Storage warehouses are no less ostentatious and Michael Maloney who is the owner and manager of the facilities there can attest to some of the most amazing items that are held within the storage units that are housed in his warehouse.

For example, a while back, some clients that Michael is quite good friends approached him as they were looking for a good place to store some items that required a little bit more care and concern than normal everyday items that you would see going into the storage units. In normal circumstances this would mean a particularly valuable or sentimentally precious article from the household, furniture or maybe even some paintings.

Being AFRA (Australia Furniture Removers’ Association) certified, the warehouses and the removalists who help with the transportation and care of the items while in transit and in storage are top of the range and well trained to handle all sorts of different situation and it also helps that there is lots of protective padding and the like to ensure the safety of the items that are moving in. At the other end of the spectrum, there is also comprehensive insurance policies that are available for other items of the sort that owners need a little extra peace of mind about.

But in this case, the items due for storage that were in question were actually fresh off the boat from China. The clients were avid travellers and collectors of fine art and by a stroke of luck, they managed to acquire some rare and precious vases from their latest trip to the China amongst other similarly unique and special pottery pieces. The clients had their own insurance to cover goods of this nature but they still needed a safe and secure place to hold their delicate and priceless articles while they had a proper case and safe brought in to house their new acquisition and Super Cheap Self Storage was exactly what they needed!

Obviously a fair amount of discretion was required so that nobody caught wind of the previous cargo that would be stashed in the Gold Coast storage facilities for a while and rightly so since one of the vases was certified from the Ming Dynasty and was worth more than a block of units on the beach!

It’s been a real privilege to be entrusted by clients and customers who believe in the Super Cheap Self Storage way of doing things and the security and protection that we can provide and Michael has no doubt that this will not be an isolated case of the storage facilities holding valuable and important items within its walls!