Storage Stories 2

Storage Stories 2

Mark Sindone is the young manager of Sydney Inner West’s Super Cheap Self Storage facilities and over the years that he’s worked for Super Cheap Self Storage, he has gathered quite the number of stories to tell us about the self storage world! Being situated close to the city centre has opened his business to a unique group of people who store a myriad of items that you would not be able to believe and he’ll be sharing about some of the most interesting stories today!

For starters, Mark has to oversee quite a lot of day to day operations as the manager of the branch. And at times when there are removalists on leave or they are slightly understaffed, he takes it upon himself to help out a little with the daily operations within the storage facilities – and this includes unloading of storage units to be installed within the warehouse and sometimes just lending a hand to some customers who just need a bit of help to pack up their units.

One particularly memorable moment started out initially as a bit of a wonder – some of the removalists were helping out a customer to load up his storage unit and found that he had quite a number of rather interesting items going in! He had quite a number of gambling paraphernalia like poker cards and an assortment of souvenirs from the different casinos and associated places that he had visited. What stood out most about his collection of coasters, and royal flush key chains and $1 poker chips, was 2 old style poker machines. Yeah the guy really loved his pokies, and it was really quite impressive by the sheer variety and number of items he had kept over the years!

The 2 poker machines were the old school type, with big bertha handles and the owner was happy and proud to say that he had managed to acquire these as part of his collection relatively recently in comparison to the 1960s when they were originally manufactured – they were the pride and joy of all his casino memorabilia and he had them well wrapped and protected with bubble wrap and butcher’s paper to make sure that they would be safe from dings and other damage while being transported.

The customer shared that he was looking to set up a private collection eventually when he found a space to display everything and for the time being wanted to really just have his items in safe keeping. And with that in mind, he had contracted Super Cheap Self Storage because they were known for their special storage boxes made of plywood and allowed a very good quality of preservation while items were in storage.

So in the meanwhile, we’ll be taking good care of his items while he sources for the right location and place to showcase his collection. If all things go well, the Sydney Inner West Super Cheap Self Storage team just might be the first prestigious guests to the inaugral opening of the biggest collection of casino items in the near future!