How to Clear out some Space – The Kitchen

How to Clear out some Space – The Kitchen

Kitchens may not always be the most cluttered spaces, we know of more than enough homes where their dinnerware sets are mismatched. Plates that were accidentally broken forced 2 separate dinner sets to be combined for service but that doesn’t mean that storing all the different sets fit magically together inside the cupboards. Au Contraire, it does sometimes pose a big difficulty for configuring the best arrangement for your items within. So here’s how you can clear up some space and/or make the space more efficient so that you’ll have a little extra room to play around with.

The best kept kitchens are those which are seldom in use. Not sure how true this may be, but I do know that a clean and sanitary kitchen is one that’s free of cooking debris and is also not too overly crowded by too much crockery and equipment.

Now it’s not uncommon to have utensils and kitchenware lying all over the countertops and lying unwashed in the sink, so we’re not going to be talking about the importance of loading up the dishwasher and keeping things clean. More about what happens when the cupboards have one too many sets of plates and other various china.

The pantry is the simplest place to start at where you can start clearing out things quickly and effectively to create more storage space for things. This is the easiest place to start because you just need to look for the items with extra vegetable bits growing out of them, and we’re not talking about blooming plants. If you see mouldy foodstuff and misshapen canned products, these are the first to go. Next would be looking for expired items of course. Similarly you can look through your freezer and refrigerator for leftovers and forgotten items in there to get rid of too. Unless you regularly clean out your pantry (which you should do!) this should take out quite a big bulk of products from your kitchen.

Under the sink are great spots for storing detergents and dishwashing liquids and other cleaning implements used to scour the much and grime off kitchen surfaces. You can install a shelving unit under there so that things will be neat and tidy and within reach. This will keep the harmful substances away from the edibles in the pantry and give the pantry a little more wriggle room.

Normally under counter shelving tends to be under-utilised, this is because of the irregular shape of the pots and pans. Installing hooks on the walls could be a good idea so crockery can rest hanging against the walls instead of taking up valuable real estate in the drawers. If you are okay to do an overhaul of your shelving and storage units installed in the kitchen, consider swivel racks for hard to reach corner cupboard spaces also help you to maximise the space that you already have.

And when all else fails, look to your countertops. If there is a sad amount of food preparation space, you can consider minimising the number of appliances which are not being used as frequently and putting them into storage. Good Luck!