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Our Portable Storage Units are the Ultimate Storage Solution!

Whatever you may need, personal storage space or business storage, for long- or short term rental or even if you just need some moving boxes and packaging … we have the storage solution for you!

If you thought that finding the best, most economical, safest and easiest way to store your items would be a difficult task, relax. You’re already here!

That’s because Supercheap portable storage units are the easiest, safest, most cost-efficient storage answer around

All we care about is making sure your storage needs are completely met. Which is why we’ll customize a plan that meets your budget, your time schedule, and your moving needs, from boxes and packing materials, to tips on how to pack.

Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney or Perth …

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Supercheap Storage is the cheapest storage solution for all your special furniture storage needs.


It’s always important to take precautions when handling bulky items, especially if they are more fragile and susceptible to damage like heirloom and antique pieces. Misjudging the size of a door frame or a misstep while coming down the stairs could potentially diminish the value of your most valuable pieces.

With Supercheap Self Storage, you can trust that our team of expert removalists are trained and skilled to help you handle these items with the professionalism and precision required. With our premium service, we’ll bring along our repertoire of tools and equipment, the experience to tackle any problem and the strength to maneuver all your precious furniture piece safely into our Mobile Storage Modules.

And we’ll help you buckle everything down for FREE!

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Any business, any time, for anything, we’ll have a Supercheap Solution for you.

Inventory Space

While in the midst of getting better facilities, we could act as the temporary holding store. This would also work for businesses that only have seasonal inventory.

Holding Space

For the growing business! Perfect for storage of office furniture and files that aren’t being used in all the confusion. This is also great even if you are renovating a section of your office.

Document Storage

For documents that need to be kept for a prerequisite period of time, a good idea might be to keep them offsite than at the office itself

Long-term Storage

Some items may be required on a regular basis, just not often enough to be kept on the office premises itself.

Our flexible contracts and super affordable prices make it perfect for your inventory, or extra equipment, or even just some holding space for items while you make a move to expand your office.

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At Supercheap Storage, we do everything we can to keep your valuables — and our reputation — safe and free from damage. But because we’ve been in this business a very long time, we know about as well as anyone that even with the utmost care and attention, accidents can and, yes, do happen.

That’s why we believe our low-cost in-house insurance is such good value for our customers — just $1.50 per month for every $1,000 of coverage.



For people who want to do their own loading of their Supercheap Storage portable module, we have absolutely everything that’s needed. In fact, the packing products we sell to our customers are the very same ones our professional packers and movers use.

And, (no surprise here) our prices are generally lower than other moving and storage companies charge; check our moving box shop.



You can feel very secure entrusting Supercheap Storage with your goods. And we feel very secure in telling you this.

All of our storage facilities are self-contained, fully locked and alarm-monitored. So when your goods are stored with us, you know that their protection is our top priority.

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