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Supercheap Storage Pricing, explained.

(Here’s where you see why our name is Supercheap.)


No one offers lower prices than we do. Our fixed rate pricing keeps your costs very low, and you pay for only the storage you really need. But, on top of that, we’ll beat any other company’s legitimate estimate to you by 10%. When we say Supercheap, we mean Supercheap. Simple as that.

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Here are the elements that determine what your Supercheap Storage price will be.



How many items do you have? And what’s their total volume (we’ll calculate it), which will determine the next item.



Which size portable module do you need? The 7 cubic meter Mini-Mod or the 11 cubic meter Maxi-Mod? And do you require more than one?



How long will you be storing with us? It’s good to know that the longer you commit, the lower your monthly rate will be. And our monthly rates are already very competitive.



Do you require extra packing materials, like moving boxes, butcher’s paper and tape? We can deliver them a few days ahead of the storage pod, so you have time to pack everything.



Do you want to save some extra money by loading the unit yourself, or do you want us to send a team of removalists and do everything for you, without you having to lift 1 finger.

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