Expanding The Sydney Storage Facility

Expanding The Sydney Storage Facility

Having been with Super Cheap Self Storage from the very beginning, there have been lots of moments for the pioneer team of us when we started out. Lots of ups and downs for sure but one of the best moments that has stuck with me vividly until now must be the moment when we moved into and signed the lease for our current facility in Sydney.

We were really excited because we had come so far from our humble beginnings and were really making a name for ourselves across Australia. Our clients loved what we were doing for them in terms of the services that we were providing and we were finally in the black – enough to upgrade our facilities and equipment and go all the way in proving to everyone what we are able to do for the self storage industry!

We have really been blessed with good patronage over the years that we have been in operation. Our clients have been very loyal, sometimes taking out a second or third storage unit for their items, and definitely without their generous referrals to their friends, we would not have been able to come as far as we have today. That being said, we were really starting to get over run with our old location and needed to source for a bigger place fast! And when we finally moved into our new premises, we were really just so excited to push forward in our work – the place just had so much capacity and it was so big!

With our new floor space, we knew we could fit in so many more of our plywood storage units, so after a quick inventory, we aggregated that we could fit in at least another 60 to 80 more storage containers and that’s because we also stack them high. We discovered that there’s just so much opportunity in being careful and frugal with the space that we have at our warehouses and even with such high density storage, we’ve been able to come up with a system that makes it efficient and effective for all our customers. With our new additional units, you’ll definitely see us pushing to maximise occupancy and make the most of this new land that we have!

Together with our new storage units, we also bought a couple of new vehicles as demands for the portable part of our services increased. The head of our transport team at that moment was a chap named Riley who lived in the outskirts of the city and he had a tough time saying goodbye to our old truck which he was exclusively driving. It was big enough to take 3 storage modules on its own and he had some good times making drop offs and deliveries with that old truck. But it was time to move on and soon enough, he fell in love with our new fleet of vehicles!

We’re really looking forward to continue expanding and sharing with more people across Australia and the world about our storage services and hope that we’ll have more of these stories about how we built this company to share with you in time to come!