Self storage facilities as an inventory solution for small business.

Self storage facilities as an inventory solution for small business.


As every small business owner names one of the largest and most unavoidable business expenses is property overhead. The rent on your basic business is an expense that cannot be avoided. This is why so many businesses go to pains to find the perfect location that is not only convenient for their customers but also allows them to perform their business seamlessly. Unfortunately these two qualities can sometimes be hard to reconcile. Often businesses will find that a location that is convenient for customers is in an area where property of significant size is too expensive. On the other hand areas with large properties available to business can often be far from centers of consumer interest.

This can be a vexing conundrum for a small business owner. You pay more to a larger property near to your customers or instead choose a more affordable property that has all the facilities your business requires yet will be far from the consumer center and runs the risk of limiting your customer base?

What many business owners fail to consider is that it is possible to downsize your property requirements without risking the quality of business you perform. Consumer self storage facilities can be an excellent resource for small businesses. Instead of investing in a larger property that allows you to keep all your inventory close at hand, keeping that inventory which is not an immediate need in a self storage unit can be vastly cheaper than the difference in rent for a larger commercial property.

Every city, large or small, as a variety of self storage businesses from which. to choose. This helps the business owner buying and off-site storage facility that is close by and therefore convenient to his or her business. Many small business owners use self storage not only for excess inventory what to keep seasonal items on hand allowing them to make initial purchases that are larger and more cost-effective.

Small business owners realize that having more inventory on hand (or nearby, in this case) means less chance of disappointing customers with out of stock items. Being able to answer a customer’s needs at any time translates to more sales and satisfied, long term customers. Why wait for items from the supplier that may take weeks to arrive, when a 15 minute drive your nearby self storage facility can fulfill the need?

The benefits provided by storing excess inventory at a self storage facility exceed just be simple necessity of investing in a larger commercial space. Utility costs are also reduced. Many self storage facilities offer a variety of climate control storage units which are accessible 24 hours a day. This allows you to keep your excess inventory in pristine condition without having to pay extra for climate control, refrigeration and electricity at your main commercial site.

Now that you know this, as a small business owner consider what items in your commercial space can be moved to a nearby, off-site storage facility without interrupting your. daily flow of business. With these items securely stored almost commercial space you really need for your business? It might now be possible to locate your business in a new, more economically feasible location more convenient to your customers.