Start downsizing clutter in your life by going through your storage spaces!

Start downsizing clutter in your life by going through your storage spaces!

It can be a great mystery how we accumulate so many possessions so quickly. Sometimes you can entertain yourself by picking up a random objects and thinking, “where did this come from?” or, “how long has this been here?” If those answers don’t come easily you might be one of those people who just likes collecting stuff. Nothing wrong with that but eventually you’ll find space is limited. Then of course there’s all that stuff that we didn’t collect ourselves. Things accumulate over the years. Unwanted gifts. Objects inherited from family members and good friends, that end up being white elephants squatting malevolently in the corner just to the side of the television set. The boxes, cables, instructions, paperwork, packing foam, and boxes that you didn’t buy, but came free with other, more important stuff, you did. Let’s be honest there is no reason you can’t shed some of these possessions if you really want to.

For some of us it’s a requirement. With so many people working at home these days we often have to become our own file room attendants just to keep the paperwork organised. Closets filled with boxes of dusty documents and stacks of professional literature litter our “home-offices”.

Take heart. You’re not a pack rat, or a hoarder, you’re just living a modern civilised lifestyle. Nothing to be ashamed of. Whatever the reason for clutter in your life there’s no reason that you have to live with it. Take a moment to sit back and look at the mountains of stuff around are there entire piles or even rooms full of things you don’t need? If so do yourself a favour and clear up some of that clutter. It’s easier than you think.

The best place to start is with the items you’ve already put into storage! Boxes that sit unopened in closets and attics left over from the last move. Junk from the last job that’s become pointless and outdated. Broken or obsolete electronics that were expensive and therefore difficult to part with. Suitcases full of clothes for climates you’ll never visit (or at least not soon enough for the style to hold up.) The ever present “junk drawer” that keeps growing and growing with “things you absolutely can’t get rid of”, but haven’t been through in years. These are good starting point.

Clearing out your long unexplored storage space will give you back the space you need for things that are actually necessary in your day-to-day life. What most of us don’t consider about the things we put in the long term storage is that eventually some of these things will become obsolete. Of course we would like to hang onto as much of our past as we can , but unless we occasionally go back through that past we will never be able to separate what we really like to keep and what became useless long ago. As a matter of fact there is really no better place to start Downsizing your clutter then in these long forgotten boxes.