Sorting out items for Storage

Sorting out items for Storage

Super Cheap Self Storage Illawarra has some stories of their own, even though they are one of the younger outlets in the franchise. Mark Grogan who is the outlet’s manager would love to share some stories about how it was like to set up shop when he first took on the mantle of business owner.

In the short time that we’ve been in operation, we’ve already come leaps and bounds from our initial few days where I struggled with understanding the administrative bits of things and also getting used to the flow of the operations in the facility. Most days I was running around like a headless chicken because I had to take on many roles at once in order to make sure that things ran smoothly.

But it didn’t take long before Super Cheap Self Storage Illawarra got its bearings and I was able to breathe again. One of the biggest milestones for us has got to be when we started expanding the number of vehicles we had so that we could continue to expand business and reach in the area and we were expecting the delivery of new Pantech trucks which could hold 3 storage modules each on every journey. That would definitely save us lots of time and consequently enable us to give an even better value-add to our customers who are always on a look out for cheap rates and good quality storage services.

Well, what happened with that was that we were really quite impressed with the truck when it first arrived – it was all big and brand new – shiny to boot and the capacity of that monster was incomparable! We were excited to load it up and see how much the baby could really hold before we started bringing her out on our delivery and pick-up runs with our actual storage modules.

But I think there was something that the manufacturer forgot to mention to us – the weight of the whole truck leaned to one side! Maybe people don’t have our kind of “heavy usage” when they buy one of these trucks, but when you put the fuel tank and the doors on the same side of the truck, you are going to face quite some problems with the balance of the whole vehicle when you are loading it up!

Well after a bit of head scratching, we finally figured out what the problem was and sent the truck back to the dealership, quick as lightning to get them to take a look at the issue and get it fixed on the double! Once they had the spring upgrade, everything was good to go! That being settled, I’d say we are all ready to ramp up our operations and roll out our services to the rest of Illawarra and not anymore chances of the truck falling over at the traffic lights while we’re at it!