Self storage auctions – what you need to know – part 2

Self storage auctions – what you need to know – part 2

Now let’s say you’ve done your best during the bidding process to pick and win clean and well-maintained units. Now is when the real work begins. It should go without saying that comfortable work clothes, sturdy shoes and work gloves are the uniform of any responsible self storage auction Hunter. After you’ve won the auction you and you alone are responsible for your own safety and the safety of any items you may discover. A cautious attitude will go a long way toward keeping you from having any accidents which might damage your newly acquired items.

Proceed slowly and methodically through your unit making quick decisions as to what needs immediate disposal and what deserves a closer look. Most items that are better off thrown away are immediately self-evident. Now is not the time for imagination or nostalgia, they may be someone’s forgotten photographs or documents, but they are no value to you. Old clothing is another frequently uncovered self storage item but except for those floats which are immediately recognizable as valuable or vintage People’s everyday clothing is of little monetary value. Separate clothes for donation to a charitable organization, but then do not spend too much time going through it.

Once you have separated the contents of your self storage auction unit into those items to be immediately disposed of and those items requiring more careful consideration take a quick break and casually survey your selections. Trust your good sense and taste to make any last-minute selection changes, but don’t spend too much time. It is at this point that you begin to go through those items requiring more careful consideration. You will likely find many of these things which you held out quiet hope for will not be worth your effort to sell or store. Do not hesitate to move these disappointing items to your disposal pile. There may be items of questionable value which require closer examination by an expert. Keep these in a section by themselves which you will load last in your vehicle so as they will be easily accessible when the time comes for them to be examined.

When it comes to appliances and furniture not only is it important that you are in good shape and able to move large items yourself or with the help of a partner or friend is equally important that you have a resource for disposing of or selling such items. Many auction hunters do not have a plan for items they find in the storage units they buy much past discovery. Unless you are familiar with the best local outlets for the sale of used appliances and furniture you might end up spending more time and gasoline that you intended searching out a place to give you a good price for your new found treasures. This is why many auction attendees are also the owners of businesses specializing in the resale of used items.

Make sure you keep in the good graces of the self storage facility by adhering to the rules of their options. The primary rule to remember and live by is that the storage unit must be empty and clean when you are done. Do not end up on an auction blacklist for something as easily preventable as leaving your storage unit in a mess. Part of the agreement the self storage facility has with bidders on its auctions is that they will do their utmost to keep the facility clean and tidy.