Seasonal self storage more popular with homeowners.

Seasonal self storage more popular with homeowners.

These days it is not uncommon for a homeowner to maintain storage of items in a facility away from his or her home. Those people with long-term rental of storage location have found that as the seasons change so do their storage needs. Why clutter up your garage or attic seasonal only use a few times a year?

Self storage facilities see a spike in activity by customers when seasons change. In January customers will arrive with their unneeded Christmas and holiday decorations. Fake trees, boxes of ornaments and sparkly lights all locked away until the fall when they are needed again. This is also the time of year when people put into storage obsolete items they find around the house after receiving replacements as gifts over the holidays. Other people simply take advantage of sale prices in the holiday season to invest in large items such as new appliances, or furniture. All, replaced items often going to storage. People also buy things such as barbecues and lawn care equipment they will not need to use for several months — instead of keeping these things around the home people find putting them in storage units until they’re needed is the right solution.

When spring rolls around many people visit their storage space to switch their wardrobe, retrieving warm weather items which were stored in the fall and carefully putting away items which will not be needed until next winter. This is also a time of year when people will exchange sports equipment in the same manner. Why keep your snow skis in the trunk of the car when you are at least nine months away from using them again? Of course no one wants to that, or carry their golf clubs around all winter.

Storage spaces are the perfect repository for your seasonal sporting goods. This holds true into the advent of summer, when water sports become popular. Bulky items such as flotation devices can easily be stacked in an accessible location on top of heavier items without fear of damage to either item. This is also the time of year when homeowners truly appreciate the various size availabilities of storage units. After all as many people have learned it is much easier and convenient to store even watercraft such as jet skis, canoes and rowboats and even larger watercraft such as speedboats or even trawlers!

Self storage is growing in popularity as a climate controlled option for the storage of delicate machinery such as vehicles that are sensitive to changes in weather. Summer is also the time when people retrieved from storage warm weather road vehicles such as motorcycles and four-wheel-drive buggies. Why clutter your garage or backyard with vehicles better cared for in a climate controlled storage facility?

When the fall rolls around homeowners visit their storage unit again. School is starting so items for students are often hot on the list to retrieve from storage. This is doubly true for homes with children moving away to attend school. Old furniture is retrieved for the decorating of dorm rooms and off-campus apartments, luggage is brought out and dusted off for the long trip away from home. This is also the time when people put away their summer toys and retrieve their holiday ornaments. As the peak of the holiday season grows closer storage units also serve another, secretive purpose. Storage facility operators report homeowners sneakily using their units as a temporary hiding place for children’s surprise holiday presents.