The Safe and Secure Way to Store Documents

The Safe and Secure Way to Store Documents

We always hear about storing boxes of big and small items when we move and it is always easier to manage and handle when these are more ‘tangible’ and can be felt by the sense of touch.

However, for offices especially those small offices that handle a lot of paper work, these offices end up with a too many hard copy  documents and a diminishing office space. Even though the office manager would like to avoid handling too many documents, if it is essential to the day to day operations of the business and it is part of doing business after all, then the manager can’t do it away. Then how to manage paper work that needs to be kept for a certain period of time or what we call a lifespan and at the same time to have enough office space? How will the office manager able to save some space left without being drowned from office space?

Nowadays, apart from big items storage facilities, there is a growing number of smaller document storage companies who are serving a niche market requiring document storage or paper work. There are variations to the services being offered but basically, these are a few of the services it offers:

1)    Free boxes and delivery of the boxes right at your doorstep

There are some companies who provide and deliver the boxes you need for free at your doorstep while there are some companies who would first require a consumable deposit for a certain number of boxes and once you engage the company for storage, they will deduct the deposit from the total bill.

2)    Free pick up and delivery of packed boxes

Not all companies would provide free delivery of boxes back to you but most of the time this is already incorporated in the total quotation. If you wish to deliver and pick up by yourself, then it is best to have the associated costs during the quotation stage.

3)    Provision of industrial grade, durable mobile pods

Since what you are storing with them are important documents, it is right to get industrial grade mobile pods to ensure the safety and security of your documents. These mobile pods would usually keep moisture out but sometimes not. And if the latter is the case, check whether the storage facility where these pods are stored have humidity and temperature control.

4)    Storage of durable pods in highly secured warehouses

Warehouses where these mobile pods should be secured and sometimes these are temperature and humidity controlled. It is best to check this with your service provider to ensure safety and also how accessible your documents are to you.

5)    No minimum number of days required to commit. Pay only of what you use.

These are some service providers who would provide discount for longer periods of time but most of the time, the transaction is just only pay as you use.

6)    Free virtual storage space for documents that you need to be scanned and retrieved anytime you want

Although the documents are very important to you to retrieve at the end of the contract or as and when you would like to retrieve these, but there are some documents that you would like to use a point of reference only without having to get the actual hard copy. Such service is provided when you need a cloud storage for such documents that you would like to access anytime.

7)    Hard drive that contains data of scanned documents provided for free

Apart from cloud storage, some companies would also provide you with a free hard drive of your stored scanned documents that you can carry anywhere

8)    Insurance

This is very important since under any fortuitous events, you can claim for any damages especially if your documents are delicate and sensitive in nature.

As you can see there are many element5s to keep in mind if you want to be sure that the storage of your documents is indeed safe and secure.