Packing up your kitchen appliances for storage.

Packing up your kitchen appliances for storage.

It has long been said that the kitchen is the heart of every home. It is where families come together to share and prepare meals numerous times every day. It is such an essential part of our daily lives that sometimes we forget how very important the utensils and tools we use in the kitchen can be. When preparing your kitchen appliances for self storage it is important that we take special care of these expensive and important items.

Kitchen appliances should be cleaned thoroughly and, very importantly, let to dry completely. Any moisture left on appliances will result in mold or deterioration due to rust. Large appliances such as your refrigerator and your dishwasher should be cleaned inside and out and left open to dry all the interior surfaces completely.

Shelves and racks from the interior of large kitchen appliances should be removed from their normal positions and secured together with string or plastic wrap. You can then place these items back inside the interior of your refrigerator or dishwasher being sure to take them securely so they do not move when your appliance is being transported.

For refrigerators with automatic ice makers it is important to make sure all water has drained from the automatic ice making system. Check your manufacturer’s instructions that came with your refrigerator to find out how to best do this on your particular model. You should also take care to empty the evaporation tray at the base of your refrigerator if your model has one.

The same attention to the drainage of water should be performed on your dishwasher. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to find the drainage ports on your particular model. It may be advisable to flush the system with compressed air through the water intake valve in order to assure a complete emptying of your dishwashers internal plumbing. Again check your manufacturer’s instructions to make sure this is an acceptable method.

When moving such large appliances you will of course want to secure their doors shut completely to avoid damage during transport. However it is important that once these items have reached the self storage facility and you have positioned them where they will be stored that you leave the doors slightly ajar, perhaps secured with a small piece of cardboard providing In the door while a strap goes around the appliance holding the door in a semi open state. This will keep the interior of your appliance safe from the formation of mold or mildew.

Smaller kitchen appliances should be individually wrapped in plastic to protect them from moisture or dirt and placed in boxes alongside any additional attachments these appliances may require. Those appliances with metallic moving parts should be cleaned thoroughly and these metallic surfaces be wiped down with a rag coated in machine oil. This will protect your metallic machine surfaces from rust and grime. All appliances, large and small, should have their electrical cords coiled tightly and bound together with string or plastic ties. Avoid securing your electrical cords with tape. It may be convenient at the time but tape will eventually leave an unsightly sticky residue on the cord after you remove your appliances from storage.