Maximising Your Self Storage Space

Maximising Your Self Storage Space

Most self storage facilities will actually have gone through with you a quick questionnaire to help you gauge the size of a storage unit that would best suit your needs, and we know that now you have the extra space, it seems like you don’t need to worry too much about how to utilize your new self storage unit. But it really doesn’t hurt to take on a bit of organization yourself. Take it from us that it helps to keep items accessible inside to make things easier for you in the long run!

Arrange Items for Easy Access

If you’re going to be packing your self storage unit, it makes sense to have a bit of a think of whether what’s going in needs to come out any time soon. And when you need to access these items, how are you gonna do it? Keep items that are you foresee you’ll need to the front of the unit so you don’t have to wade through items and reorganize things in order to pull the item out. But where possible, try to keep a bit of a path in the centre of the self storage unit so that you can walk through if you need to search for things.

Stack Upwards

While most self storage units are limited in terms of floor space, you can always make the most of your vertical space by stacking upwards. Especially for furniture! Long and bulky items can be stored standing on their sides so they take up less floor space too, chairs should be stacked one on top of another if they fit. Just make sure to be careful by stacking the heavier items at the bottom and lighter things above. We don’t want a tower of things crashing down! You can also ensure that your boxes are sturdy by filling them up fully so that they are more stable and wrapping the more fragile items in bubble wrap to protect them in case there are any accidents!

Fill up all the Holes

We hope that you still have a fair bit of space let in your self storage unit to walk in and out of, but in the case that you’re really going for the kill with this one and filling her up to the brim, make sure you spot those holes and use them! Towels, bedsheets and pillows and other soft cloth material items can be packed into trash bags to keep them clean and stuffed into empty spaces.

Don’t discount underneath and behind couches, bedframes and cabinets – these are good cubbies for long and thin items like brooms and other long-handled items. You can also find a lot of empty spaces inside cupboards and drawers. Even inside old refrigerators and washing machines there is a lot of hidden real estate where you can stow away things in too!

Do take the time to look through your things and make out an inventory if you’re unsure of how much space you really need. As we mentioned, most self storage companies would be happy to help you calculate the volume of your things and set you up with a self storage unit that’s sure to meet your needs! But otherwise, with a little arrangement, we know that you can keep things in order so you still have lots of space in time to come!