Simple steps for mattress and box spring storage.

Simple steps for mattress and box spring storage.

If there is one piece of furniture that does not respect to to its amount of continuous use and abuse it is the humble mattress. Everyone has a favorite chair, or position at the dining room table where it is easy to overlook the most used item in the household. Used constantly for eight hours (or more) on a daily basis the modern mattress is a delicate piece of engineering ingenuity. In order to maintain a high level of comfort and usefulness over years or even decades proper care and storage of your mattress and box spring is essential.

Whether you intend to store your mattress for only a few months to many years protecting the surface of your bedroom furniture centerpiece is the primary concern. While you want to keep your mattress safe from stains, water and the dirt and grime that accompanies any move it is important to allow your mattress and box spring to breathe while in its protective wrapping. This will help prevent your stored mattress from becoming susceptible to mold and mildew which grows eagerly in an environment of trapped humidity. Of course your self storage facility will provide a climate controlled and secure location for your furniture storage, so your main concern in wrapping your mattress is simple surface protection.

The best option for protecting the surface of your mattress while in storage is a breathable plastic mattress storage bag. These are commonly available at any mattress store, or furniture dealer who sells bedroom furniture. They can also be purchased from moving companies, and self storage facilities. The construction of these bags is of a specific design that protects the mattress and box spring from the elements and insects while allowing the items inside to breathe.

Once you have your mattress properly wrapped it is time to consider the length of time you hope to store your mattress. If you are self storing your mattress and box spring for less than six months is commonly acceptable to store them vertically, like books on a shelf. For this relatively short amount of time you should not expect any long-term degradation of the structure of your mattress. On the other hand if you intend to store your mattress for a time longer than six months you need to consider that gravity will be exerting a continual pull on your sideways stacked mattress. The springs and filling of your mattress will be drawn down toward the floor possibly resulting in a permanent change to the structure of your mattress, ruining its comfort and usability. For the long term storage of mattresses and box springs the best option is to store them horizontally in the same position as they were designed to be used.

When you retrieve your mattress and box spring from storage take the time to air them out before use. A simple procedure, just remove the mattress bag from around the mattress and let it stand vertically in a well ventilated area where air is allowed to pass over each exposed side for at least a few hours. This will allow the mattress to dissipate any stale air smells, allowing you a more comfortable experience when it’s time to lay down your head.