Large corporations are seeing the benefit of temporary self storage.

Large corporations are seeing the benefit of temporary self storage.


When people think about temporary self storage there is always an understandable tendency to think the service is mainly used by families and individuals for the storage of household items. In fact modern trends in storage point to a growing utilization of self storage facilities by businesses and corporations both large and small.

Storage companies are beginning to see an appreciation by larger corporations of the many high quality benefits self storage provides. Corporations around the world have begun to form contractual agreements with a variety of self storage companies for both large and small spaces as well as long and short-term storage periods.

Unlike individual consumers and corporations may have interests in multiple cities around the globe by forming contractual partnerships with large self storage networks or even individual self storage facilities makes for a good long-term economic sense. By being able to guarantee the economic reliability of on-time payments or in many cases upfront fulfillment of contractual obligations corporations and take advantage of special offers and discounts offered by self storage facilities.

With the flexibility of contracted self storage a corporation can take advantage of storage options in a variety of locations either near or far to their business interests. Some corporations use contracted self storage solely for the benefit of their employees. A globe spanning company may be required to relocate employees across the country or even across the world. In order to spare their employees the convenience of having to arrange their own storage and moving expenses corporations frequently they in-house contracts with storage and moving companies. Employees of modern corporations at home to expect some benefits to be included with employment that involves frequent travel.

Being able to provide an employee who travels to many different locations frequently the ability to store not only personal items, but business materials as well will ultimately save the company money in innumerable ways. It not only saves time for the employee, therefore translating into savings expense for the company it also reduces the requirement to ship materials frequently to different locations. These storage facility can also serve a multi-use purpose as it is under contractual agreement to the Corporation, not the individual employee. This means that while the self storage unit may continue to be of use to the individual traveling employee, employees who work local to this self storage facility and also utilize the space.

Businesses around the world have long recognized the many advantages of temporary self storage. The secure, climate controlled location that is off site for your business means less commercial real estate required. Excess inventory, temporary marketing materials, or not in use seasonal items do not need to be stored in a company maintained storage facility when a long-term contractual rental of temporary self storage insert the same purpose at a much reduced expense. These same benefits can be enjoyed by a large corporation. Even a corporation that does not have an office in the area near the self storage facility. If employees frequently travel to certain locations where a corporation does not have a permanent operating facility temporary self storage can serve as a holding facility for corporate materials and inventory that only needs to be accessed infrequently. This allows employees to travel with less expense, not having to pay extra for freight shipment on commercial air travel.