Subtropolis offers more storage space than you could ever need!

Subtropolis offers more storage space than you could ever need!

Hundreds of feet below suburban Kansas City lies “the world’s largest underground business storage facility” or as it’s more commonly known, Subtropolis. A former limestone mine that has been excavated to open an underground space of 55,000,000 ft.² Subtropolis has been on offer for storage and business use since the 1940s. The weatherproof storage facility has a constant climate of dry and temperate weather perfect for long-term storage of everything from green coffee beans (the only facility of its kind in the United States) to fleets of vehicles as large as tractor-trailers and double-decker buses. Clients include the US Postal Service which stores it’s collection of millions of stamps and major film studios, who use the climate controlled storage to preserve classic films in their original format.

With over 1000 acres of storage space Subtropolis is far from full. Huge pillars of limestone support the many tons of rock that serve as the facilities roof. By constructing walls between pillars rooms are formed for individual clients. Some clients have installed underground factories and production lines for which the facility provides uninterruptible power service. It is hard to fathom the two sides of this massive storage facility. It only comes into perspective when you consider that the site has 2 miles of railroad tracks serving it and 6 miles of underground roadways. Despite having dozens of clients taking up hundreds of acres of space Subtropolis still has massive areas yet to be developed.

And of course you can’t beat an underground vault for storage security. With 24 hour video surveillance and walls hundreds of feet thick it is the perfect place to squirrel away your most precious possessions. The entire facility is also protected by a state of the art fire suppression systems and serviced by a 24 hour maintenance crew. While the company is reluctant to give any details you can rest assured that many of these hard to access and well protected secure storage spaces are used for holding valuable items in a place offering the greatest peace of mind.

It’s not just storage safety that attracts customers, but it is the location nearly in the center of the contiguous United States that appeals to many businesses looking to Keep large amounts of inventory close at hand. Proximity to major freeways and an international airport make this location a perfect choice for even international corporations with large storage needs.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of keeping inventory or running a business out of Subtropolis is the low level of environmental impact it creates. Not only do businesses not need to create extra ways for the production of construction materials required for a normal business storage facility, the constant temperature and humidity means no large overhead costs for heating and cooling or humidity control. Workers employed by businesses in Subtropolis seem to greatly appreciate this predictability in internal weather. By being able to drive from home straight into the business facility workers never have to worry about getting wet in the rain or freezing In the dead of winter on that long walk from the car to the office.