How Did Self Storage Come About?

How Did Self Storage Come About?

Self storage is a relatively new industry for the world having made itself known to the general consumer-public only in the recent 20 to 30 years. We’ve heard from various sources that there was a crude form of self storage a long time ago in ancient China but modern self storage as we know it only started to become prominent in the mid 1900s. In the United States, self storage chains started popping up in Texas around the 1960s and have since bloomed into what it is today.

But what exactly is Self Storage? It works on a very simple system – that people have things and therefore they need space to keep these things. We think that in the very long ago past, when people became aware of the need for tools and items for daily use, they realised that they needed to keep things by their side to make their daily tasks easier. Of course, their items would need to be protected so the idea of “ownership” came about. And as people became more capable and started to achieve more, they needed even more tools to facilitate their activity and all this led to increasing accumulation of goods and property.

Not everybody worked as hard as the next person and different people needed different tools, so each person would accumulate a different amount of things, but one thing was constant. Because of the constraints of personal wealth and attached property, as people started to gather more things, they would run out of space to keep their growing mountains of items! And it’s no secret that as a collective species, we generally love to own and hoard things.

So what was there to do? This glorious industry was born out of the need to satisfy the people’s need for safe and secure places to keep all these things and hence, self storage was born!

The self storage industry is all about storage space for people to use. Rooms and lockers, containers and boxes of space known as “self storage units” are available to rent to the common folk for periods ranging from months to years to decades! And anybody, both businesses and individuals can take out a unit to hold their things, perhaps furniture, or clothes, or old and dusty heirlooms to documents and equipment.

With 925 self storage operators, 1,425 facilities, almost 20,000 square feet of storage, 265,000 units across Australia, we are barely comparable to the self storage industry in the United States which counts over 28 million units. However, we are sure that the self storage industry here continues to make progress in all ways such as the type of services that are provided in addition to storage space. That means that we are becoming more and more refined by the minute with the advent of better quality storage spaces to ensure that your items are safely kept and better qualified specialists ensuring that your items are properly handled.

Super Cheap Self Storage is proud to be a part of this industry bringing valued services to the people in Sydney and Gold Coast and everywhere else across Australia with our portable storage modules which is our specialty! It is our hope that we will continue to improve as the industry evolves over time so that we can continue bringing you confidence and satisfaction when it comes to the storage of your belongings and goods!