Some handy packing tips for self storage

Some handy packing tips for self storage


More and more people are turning to self storage as a solution for reducing clutter in the family home. Whether you are simply cleaning out the attic or preparing for a cross-country move a few simple packing tips will help you utilize your space at the self storage facility to the utmost.

One thing many people give short consideration to his choice of packing materials, specifically boxes. We are all well attuned to the idea of using cardboard boxes for packing and storage. What many people fail to consider is that there are other options available these days which may make your storage experience easier and more convenient. Plastic boxes can be purchased for now even rented from many self storage facilities around the world. The benefits of these boxes are innumerable. They can be cleaned and reused, their clear sides allow for easy visibility of their contents and their story structure is specifically designed for secure stacking and protection of fragile contents.

No matter which boxing method you choose be sure to label each box with a clear label that gets no doubt as to the content. This will help you organize your space in the storage unit as there are many items which you may need access to in the future that you do not want to go hunting for. This will also give you a basic idea as to the weight of any particular box. This is important as moving many boxes can be strenuous work, being able to gauge the weight of the box you are about to and prevent you from causing yourself injury. Also heavier boxes are best stored lower to the ground while those containing lighter items can be stacked on top of other boxes safely.

As for furniture and appliances you will want to make sure they are cleaned thoroughly before being put into the storage unit. Large appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. will require special preparation to make sure that all moisture is removed before they are put into storage. Check your manufacturer’s recommendations that came with the instructions to each appliance when it was purchased. It is also notable that in a pinch these large items can be filled with other property you plan to store, such as stuffed toys, sheets and blankets, or bulky clothing. While you want to secure these appliances with their doors mostly shut, it is advisable to leave a small gap in each door perhaps with a small piece of cardboard to allow air circulation that prevents mold and mildew.

Furniture will be hopefully disassembled as completely as possible. Table legs should be removed and individually wrapped. That is an bed frames should also be disassembled. Chairs should be wrapped in packing paper and stacked gently. Expensive electronic appliances such as televisions and stereos should be carefully wrapped and placed in individual boxes surrounded by a sufficient amount of packing material so as to protect them from shifting or accidental impact.

When filling your self storage unit with your properly packed property make sure you leave a pathway from the front of the unit all the way to the rear, so that in the future you can easily reach items stored in the back without having to remove everything else in the unit.

Before leaving your unit take a few quick photographs for insurance purposes, keep these photos with a detailed inventory list of what you put in storage. This is not only for your protection, but also the protection of the self storage facility owner.