Getting The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe

Getting The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe

Not everybody is blessed with the storage space at home for a walk-in wardrobe or even a section of one and worst still if you are renting and have to deal with bad built-in cupboards. But having a small closet is not the end of the world! There are a lot of things that you can do to maximise you wardrobe space and get lots of clothes and things in there!

1. Be organised!

This might seem a given to being able to get every shirt and sock into your cupboard. But it also helps you to locate items within your closet easily. If you’ve ever struggled to get to work on time, you’ll know that knowing where everything goes can be crucial to shaving off a few minutes off your morning routine! Invest in dividers and pull out drawers if your cupboards don’t already come with them. The organization should help you keep your items to a segment of the wardrobe and leave more storage space for other things!

2. Use all the available storage space

Even matching hangers can sometimes make a world of difference in squeezing things in. Matching hangers will press flush against each other and help you to fit in more hangers on the rod. And if you find that there’s a lot of empty storage space in the hanging area of the closet, you can install extra rods so that you can make use of the wasted space to put up more shirts, pants and dresses! You can install rods on the doors of your closet as well for scarves and belts and other loose items that need to be organized.

3. Put away what you won’t use until you need them

You probably don’t need all your summer hats and flip flops in the winter, and you definitely don’t need the winter duvet and sweaters in the summer either! Save the space by vacuum sealing these items and putting them aside, perhaps under the bed or the store room until the season comes back. You can also make a fair bit of storage space by stacking your shoes outside of the closet rather than within as well!

4. Declutter every few months

A good tip that we picked up is to hang everything on the rod backwards and once you’ve worn it, turn the hanger the right way around. At the end of a preset period, say about 6 months, everything that wasn’t turned the right way back around probably won’t be worn in the next 6 months either! This includes the things that don’t fit anymore, or things that fit but really aren’t too comfortable. Send all these things into storage or have a garage sale and earn back on some of those things you’ve spent money on!

We know that you can make the most of the storage space in your home just by taking these few steps to clear things up! Make your living spaces more efficient by checking out the items within and really going through what you can keep or give away every once in a while. Remember that you can always move your things into storage if you need to hang on to something for a little longer.