Getting your Storage Room sorted out

Getting your Storage Room sorted out

Getting your Storage Room sorted out

If your Storage Room is constantly in a state of disarray and you dread the times when you have to venture in there in search of something, or maybe you know that you have to get it organized but every time you open the door, you think to yourself that you just don’t have time for it, well good news! We’ve compiled a handy list of helpful tips to help you get started and to get that Storage Room sorted out as quick as lightning.

Throw out the useless stuff

“But everything was kept for a reason!” you protest. Well missy, you’re gonna have to man up and deal with the fact that some things are truly, for lack of a better word – useless. Or less harshly, probably irreparable, or even too expensive to fix. Things that are tattered and torn, or broken and hole-ridden also need to go, without saying.

Now people will probably think that they don’t have these sorts of items inside their store room, but don’t be too sure! If you’ve not cleaned out your store room regularly, certain items in there tend to just wither away on their own. It’s a good idea to sort through them every once in a while – once a year or biannually should suffice.

Get a friend to help

Looking around a store room for things to throw out or shuffle around may require a second opinion. Especially if you find you might chicken out on deciding to rid yourself of some items, having a friend around might help to steal your nerves a bit and give you the courage to toss all the useless stuff out! You’ll also have an extra pair of hands at the ready to help you with any bulkier or heavy items that you might have stashed away in there.

Even if you don’t get much work done and end up having a good laugh at the paraphernalia that your store room turned up, you’ll have a cold drink together at the end of the day and know that you just spent a great day bonding with fantastic company and that ain’t half bad either.


Put in shelving if you need to too! Just by having a basic structure of order in the store room will greatly help you to start getting things sorted, and the likelihood of keeping everything that way even higher. Especially if you’ve got a lot of tiny knick knacks in there, acquiring some boxes or containers so you can lump items of the same type together is a very good idea.

Put it this way, if for example, you’ve put all of the buttons together in one box, it’ll be much easier for you to find a suitable replacement rather than having to look all over the place for one or resorting to buying new things which just add to the clutter!

Think carefully before you put more things in

Last but not least, the objective here is to sort out the storage room and not make the problem worse. We know that when a space opens up, we get a little carried away with the possibilities of what we can do with it. Maybe a new vacuum cleaner or extra cushion covers or whatever. Let me just stop you right there – think first! It’s always a good idea to reconsider whether it’s a quality buy where you’ve got an item that you will genuinely use, or whether it’s a novelty fad item that will end up in the store a week or two down the line.