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Super Cheap Self Storage Prices Sydney

Storage Costs as low as $2.94 per day.

To help you further save money on your storage costs, we ask you a standard set of questions to know your requirements.

About Supercheap

These questions range from the estimated storage space your items need, the purpose of storing, and whether it is for home or business, the duration of your lease, when you would like to start your lease and whether this start date is flexible, and if you need additional services like packing, loading and moving, as well as storage insurance.

Storage Price

There are various factors that are taken into account before a storage price can be given. Our storage prices in Sydney are fixed, but depend on your requirements and the discount that applies for you on the total storage cost.


If you would like to have more savings, try to see if your calendar of moving or clearing out space. We will let you know which days of the year are the times that renting our storage space would be relatively cheaper.
The length of time the portable unit is rented is obviously a factor for the storage price, long-term rentals are liable to reduced storage rates, particularly if the storage fees are paid upfront in one go.

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To help you further save money on your storage costs, we ask you a standard set of questions to know your requirements.

Cheap Storage

Some of our cheapest storage prices are to be found in the discount deals we offer on the website and quotes with the storage prices are given free of charge with no obligation.

We have 2 services, the standard service where you do some of the work, and the premium service where we take charge of all the details. Obviously the storage prices for the standard service are lower than the storage cost for the premium service would be.

Mobile Storage

Mobile modules are very cost-effective but think about what it is you actually want to store and if it’s worth the price you are paying out over the period of time it’s stored.

Assess the value of the items, for example, storing equipment and kitchenware that has seen better days might not be worth the hassle or the expense. Nevertheless, if we find that you need it more than what you are communicating to us, we would let you know and help you in other ways to save on the prices for your storage in Sydney.

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