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Super Cheap Portable Storage Units Sydney

Our Moving Pods Are Mobile!

The units are large enough to fit the content of a small apartment … brought to your doorstep!

Our storage mobile storage podscome in two popular sizes the 7 cubic meter Mini-Mod and the 11 cubic meters Maxi-Mod, which could fit in the contents of a studio flat to a big office. You could rent a combination of both sizes and have varying lengths of lease, depending on your need.

Our Maxi Pod ~ 10 cubic meter

Large enough to fit as well large furniture and still add the bed and the mattress, other furniture and lots of boxes in it.

The 10 cubic meter maxi-mod is usually enough for a small 1 bedroom apartment or a studio.

Our Mini Pod ~ 7 cubic meter

You might not need all that much volume, so with our 7 cubic meter mini-mod you only pay for the storage space you need.

The 7 cubic meter storage module is usually enough for a small unit or studio.

Traveling, working abroad, more space needed at home, space for seasonal products, students living on the university campus and having to vacate over the long summer holidays – these are just some of the reasons clients hire storage portable storage units.

Together with the purpose you have in mind for your storage needs, you can book your portable self storage units depending on the length of time you require these.We do not have any locked-in contracts that would work to your disadvantage. If you would like to pre-terminate an existing agreement, just give us a month to seek for a new renter, and you could get the remaining balance of your unused rent. Leases can run on a weekly basis, or monthly basis.

It’s important to ask the right questions before booking with regards to when you can access the module, and the opening times of the facility itself.

Also check it’s constructed from materials that prevent moisture and damp as the presence of these can damage your furniture, clothing or books.

From our experience with self storage in Sydney and the demand of our two popular portable storage units, we know that these can accommodate large items like wardrobes and double mattresses.

When things are kept inside a container that has no air for long periods of time moisture can appear which leads to mould, and these can end up destroying valuable possessions.

There are mobile storage modules available for storing valuable family heirlooms, antique furniture, and expensive sound systems or similar.

We bring convenience right at your doorstep. Our portable storage units are transported within your premises. You can load your items while these remain on the back of a truck and once you are done, these are moved back to the warehouse for safekeeping.

Moving pods are extremely durable and as you lock it yourself and keep hold of the key no-one else has access to the contents unless you give the go-ahead.

Once the module is stored in the storage warehouse they are elevated off the floor as this prevents moisture from seeping in from the ground.

Once the module is stored in the storage warehouse they are elevated off the floor as this prevents moisture from seeping in from the ground.

If you are unsure how many portable units you require, just give us a call or drop us an email and our experts will be able to guide you.

It is best to know of the various factors that would affect your decision to get a storage module and we ensure that you have the right information and details in order to make that decision. These factors will also be determining the price that you are going to pay at the end of day.

As we go at extra lengths to let you save you money by engaging us, we are not going to compromise the quality of service and materials we provide our packaging materials are strong and sturdy and our mobile storage modules are able to keep moisture from seeping in.

Even though we provide Super Cheap prices, our portable units are made of high-grade quality materials, non-porous materials that keep moisture out.

As we try to keep your contents in the same state that you have asked us to safe keep, we also put your possessions? Security and safety our priority. These are stored in a full-gated warehouse, and the mobile storage modules are secured with a lock system that is only unique to you and your authorized representative.

The portable storage units are secured with no other person in the company who has access except for you and your named representative.

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