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Our Self Storage Solution has revolutionized the self storage market, by using portable units and bringing them to you.

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Our Self Storage Guarantees to You;

  • Pick up & delivery services are based on the budget
  • AFRA trained staff for you to pick up as well as packing your equipment
  • You don’t budget for dual removals plus the storing it
  • Free of charge protection padding
  • Free accessibility six days in a week
  • No locked in legal contracts
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Storage Calculator
AFRA taught workers to pick up along with packing your valuables;

To manage your relocation and storing requirements, we employ only AFRA taught personnel. Super Cheap Self Storage Sydney is definitely your best portable pods business as it offers AAA level protective moving covers along with each single module. The moving specialists are constantly receiving training and also updated information about how to look after storage demands; consequently, there is no doubt that your own cherished valuables are always maintained in a safe and protected method. Skillful movers ensure that your valuables are well looked after.

Free protective padding; 

Super Cheap Self Storage Sydney supplies blankets absolutely free – no matter what the level of self storage product you like. Whether it’s the usual package therefore you place anything and everything oneself, or maybe the prime quality self storage service so that we take on all the tasks to do with transporting and safe-keeping. Just about every other self storage company charge you regarding protection padding, however we give these kind of essential components cost-free. We do not have any surprise fees or unexpected charges for essential self storage services. Effectively whatever won’t fit inside a cardboard package, the expert AFRA experienced men are going to wrap it with AAA quality moving padding.

Super Cheap Self Storage Sydney has always been known to deliver unmatched security to facilities with locked modules in a safe and secured self storage facility.

Our mobile storage units for Sydney give you an assurance to keep your belongings safe – from the high-grade packaging materials and supplies to keep your valuable items protected, free from breakage and scratches, an even an optional all-encompassing insurance at the lowest possible fees to secure your items against damage or loss.

For anyone who is new to our website, it can be confusing as to how much space is needed to store household items. This is why we have placed for your comfort and ease a self storage calculator.

The calculator is very easy to use as all it means is entering the estimated sizes of the furniture and boxes you plan to hold in a unit with us. It’s a visible guide that provides you with the various types of goods typically seen in a bedroom, living room, and so on, and an excellent tool for offering an estimate of the self storage prices you can expect to pay.

Now we have 6 facilities in Sydney alone and more located in cities all over the country, so wherever you are based there is guaranteed to be one not too far away, making your life more convenient and stress-free.

Super Cheap Self Storage Sydney has been in the business of self storage since 2008, and over the years we have honoured our services to fit with clients’ needs and ensure you are doing less of the work and we are doing more.

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