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Do you need a reliable office removal service?

Whether it’s for just a few workstations, or for a large office with dozens of desks and cabinets, we have the the moving equipment and above all else … teams of removalists with foremen who have many years of foremen, to ensure the move is done as well professionally as cost-effective.

We handle as well office moves or entire business relocations.

We do have a fleet of moving trucks, from small to extra-large, but even more so; we can drop our removal units at your premise, so we have plenty of them to fill up without having to wait for trucks to unload and come back.

We can do it in smaller batches and fill them up and transport them 1 truck at the time, or … deliver enough units and removalists to do it all in a rather short time span, as our units allow us to work with a lot of mobility and flexibility.

And if you’re really talking about industrial sized relocations, we will have not one but all our team leaders on your site to coordinate with the different teams of removalists.

Inside each removal unit we have specialist equipment to ensure your goods are handled safe and secure. We have all the packing supplies to safely pack your computers, servers, printers, desk, chairs, and other commonly used office equipment.

We can provide you with an hourly rates based on the number of removalists, removal units and moving trucks you need.

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