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With our portable removal units, you have all the time in the world to load and unload …

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Super Cheap House Removals Sydney

We have large removal units; ‘moving boxes’ the size of a storage shed.

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We put the empty removal units on our truck, bring it to you, put in on your driveway and leave it there for you to fill up.

Once you’re done packing and loading everything, whether that takes 6 hours or 2 days, you call us, we pick up the removal unit and bring it to your new home.

And again you have all the time in the world to unload the removal unit, when you’re done and the removal unit is empty again; you let us now and we pick up the removal unit.

This way we save a lot of money, which makes it cheap for you as well.

Moving trucks are expensive. If we were to park a removal truck in front of your door for 2 days; that cost a whole lot of money, while to have one our removal units in front of your door for a couple of days doesn’t cost that much, in fact; it’s really very cheap.

The units are made of plywood, because plywood is as well strong as flexible, which is important to move them around all the time, but we do have large plastic covers for them, so we can also leave them outside in the rain, protected from the weather, and there’s a lock on it as well, so it’s also safe overnight.

Not having a truck just stand there while filling them up, because we will fill up the removal units instead, is a big money saver, that way our trucks are able to assists with way more clients per day than traditional removal services and we pass on those savings to you.

Ask for a quote, give us some details about the volume of the move (how many rooms? how heavy is that sofa?) and you’ll get a quote that will be surprisingly cheap!

Our portable removal system is changing the removal market !!

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