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With our portable removal units, you have all the time in the world to load and unload …

Super Cheap Moving & Removal Services in Sydney

House Removals

We offer a professional, friendly and cost-effective house removal service.


Our men are AFRA trained, so we can get a very good insurance policy for you.

Thanks to the care of our removalists and of course the extra protective padding, your precious goods are safe.
House Removals

Office Removals

With our large team we can have your business moved in 1 day!


A professional office removal service ensuring minimum downtime for your business !!

Rest assured our office moving team will work as long as it takes to ensure your office move is done within the time frame.
Office Removals

Furniture Removal

No piece of furniture is too large or too heavy for us.


Our men are strong enough, our trucks are large enough and we have heavy equipment as well.

And of course we will protect your furniture with protective padding and strap them down securely for transport.
Furniture Removals

Super Cheap Moving & Removal Services in Sydney

House Removal

We have large removal units; ‘moving boxes’ the size of a small room.
We put the empty removal units on our truck, bring it to you, put in on your driveway and leave it there for you to fill up.
Once you’re done packing and loading everything, whether that takes 6 hours or 2 days, you call us, we pick up the removal unit and bring it to your new home.
And again you have all the time in the world to unload the removal unit, when you’re done and the removal unit is empty again; you let us now and we pick up the removal unit.
This way you have all the time in the world, while this way we save a lot of money, which makes it cheap for you as well.

Furniture Removal

If you have some large furniture for removal, you might need our help; while dropping off the unit, we can come with extra removalists to your location, help to move the big pieces into the unit.
Obviously we will wrap and protect all your furniture before moving them, even disassemble if you want us to.
When done, we simply leave the unit there, so you can then fill them up even more with smaller items, while we go and help out somebody else with their move … which is why we can serve more people, which is why we’re so much cheaper.

Booking the Removal

The person answering your phone has been working for our moving company for many years, so they know the answers to all your removal related questions.
Based on the information of your move, we will make an estimate of the costs and give it to you instantly. We just need to ask a few questions to get a fair estimate of the volume and which additional removal services you might need, like packing and unpacking services.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Packaging supplies; protective blankets and straps are included, and you can rent moving boxes, which is way cheaper than buying moving boxes.
We understand that people are emotionally attached to their possessions and also like to keep things organized, so we will as well pack them with care, as making sure all the boxes are properly labeled, so you can find your items back easily.

Removals & Storage

If you need additional storage, we have the EASY removal and storage solution ready for you.
If you don’t need all of your possessions to be moved to the new place on the same day, maybe you want to paint some rooms first, then you can leave your belongings in storage with us.
We store it for you and when you need it, we bring it to the new home. You don’t need to reload any of it; the units are portable.


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Super Cheap Removal Services

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Providing AFRA trained, reliable professional packers and removalists who will handle your precious goods with safety and protection.


We have a modern fleet of moving trucks that can handle moves from a small studio up to a 6 bedroom mansion.


Do you require extra packing materials, like moving boxes, butcher’s paper and tape? We can assist with additional removal services as well, like packing and unpacking services, and even insurance.


If you need to keep some of your belongings in storage, the locked removal unit will be stored in our warehouse, and when you need it, we’ll bring it to you; no hassle.

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