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Self Storage Services for Clontarf

We Bring It

We bring the storage unit to your location.


We bring the storage unit to your location.

You get to tell us exactly when, and all you need to do is to put your belongings ready to be loaded.

Loading It

We load it, or you load it, depending on your budget.


You can load up the storage unit yourself, or have us do it for you!

With our Premium Storage Package you’ll have 2 AFRA trained removalists on site to do all the heavy lifting.

We Store It

We take it away, and store it in our secure warehouse


Once everything is packed secure for transport, you get to put the padlock on it, so only you have access.

We then bring it to our warehouse where it will be kept safe and secure.


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Self Storage Solutions for Clontarf

Simple and Convenient

Finding a little bit more space for your items at home has never been as easy as it will be when you look to Super Cheap Self Storage for your storage solutions! Our business works on the premise of making it that much easier and accessible for you to get the help you need to keep your items in a proper place!

Find out more about how we bring portable units right to your doorstep when you need the storage space and let us help you clear up and declutter your living spaces today!

Easy Contracts

You don’t have to worry about the administration of your self storage unit when you rent one of our self storage modules because we are dedicated to making your experience with us easy and simple! We know that circumstances change – perhaps you need to pull things out of your storage unit earlier rather than later, perhaps your apartment lease has been cut short or you need to move out of the country on short notice.

Whatever the situation, our team will be able to help you adjust your rental agreement and even refund you the unused portion of your rental fee!

Best Service, Best Price

The best thing about renting a self storage model with us is that we live up to our name. Super Cheap Self Storage is all about being the most affordable self storage solution in town for you! Costs to move in to your self storage unit can be quite expensive when you add it all up, but because we have internalised all of the different processes – the moving, the transportation and the rental fee itself.

We enjoy economies of scale and can pass on these immense savings to all of our customers! Do your comparisons and find out for yourselves that we really ARE the cheapest storage company around!

Mobility At Its Best

Obtaining a transportation to ferry your loaded belongings to our storage facility might be difficult for some of you and it would mean a double job having to load them once more at your designated storage unit. Hence, we have a load of mobile pods at your disposal which we will transport right to your doorstep for you to perform loading.

When you are done, we will dispatch it back to our facility conveniently without having to be re-loaded again.

Save As You Store

We want you to remain as our loyal customer for as long as possible. Hence, we always have your well-being as our topmost priority. Safety and security are two main factors that we guarantee apart from the lowest prices in town. With rental from as low as $2.94 per month, we ensure that you get only the top-notch services at the most affordable prices guaranteed.

Here at Super Cheap Self Storage, you get the best of both worlds.

About Clontarf

Clontarf is a suburb of northern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

Landmarks there include Clontarf Beach, Sandy Bay, Castle Rock, and Grotto Point.

A fun historical fact is when the son of Queen Victoria, Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh visited Clontarf in 1868 was shot in the back by an Irishman, Henry James O’Farrell but was ingloriously saved as his India-rubber braces, holding his trousers up deflected the bullet.

As of 2011, there were 1,693 residents in Clontarf with 67.8% born in Australia and the rest consists of other countries like England, United States of America and New Zealand. The median household income in Clontarf was $2,740 per week, which is the highest in Australia. With high incomes, Clontarf residents also have high housing costs with the median mortgage payment of $4,000 per month compared to $1,800 for all of Australia.

Try Our “Quick Quote” Service

Fill out your details below and we’ll give you a call back as soon as we can.

Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator