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Supercheap Self Storage Solutions for Saratoga

We Bring It

We bring the mobile module to your doorstep

We Bring It

Our portable storage pods come directly to you in your home so that it’s that much easier for you to keep things away in storage

Loading It

You have a choice to load the storage unit on your own, or we can do it for you.

Loading It

Our Removalists are trained with AFRA and you can just sit back and let us take care of moving the heavy things into our trucks. Just Relax!

We Store It

Our team brings the transportable module back to the safe facility

We Store It

You will have to lock your own storage pod to ensure only you can access it from our facility. The storage pod will be safe and secure once it has been transported to our warehouse.

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Storage Services

Self Storage Services for Saratoga

The Supercheap team knows best what you, our customer, want and need and we are always ready at your disposal for all of your storage needs regardless of how big or small they may be. We have never even once gone back on our word and have always been providing SUPER cheap storage from as low as only $2.84/day.

Even so, we can assure you that only top notch quality is provided and has never been sacrificed even at the rate of a nominal rental fee that you are paying monthly.

At Supercheap, we do not solely provide storage services as what many customers have previously often expected due to our company name. However, we have always been providing other related services as a package to provide you with all-rounded convenience and a smooth experience. From packing services, loading and unloading, all the way to transportation, you name it – we have it.

Our self storage business is well-known and highly recommended by positive reviews from past customers, and so are our moving services.

Every individual has his/her own preferences and Supercheap understands that very fact very well. We will not force our customers to select just any random services which you do not need just to fulfil our financial needs. Instead, we have prepared an extensive list of our services which can be customized according to your actual needs.

There are several packages made available starting from our Basic package all the way until the Platinum package which does not require you to lift a single finger, even for packing.

Once you entrust your belongings with us in our self storage facility, we know from then onwards we shall and will take responsibility over each and every single item under our care. We have installed high-tech surveillance all around the self storage facility to deter criminal activities and restricted entry helps to further support our entire security system.

Thus far, we have not had any major loss of items due to break-ins and thefts and we hope and will continue to maintain that status until many more years to come.

Supercheap is well-known here in Australia due to our densely-populated self storage facilities located all across Australia. There is at least one in every city that you could think of, so as our customer, it is all about staying convenient while depositing your belongings and also retrieving them later on. Australians are highly familiar with our business due to our presence in the local market and words-of-mouth have conveniently recommended us to customers at neighbouring areas as well for starters.

In the near future to come, we bet we will be recognized internationally as well.

Saratoga is a suburb in New South Wales, Australia located in the local government area of the Central Coast Council. It is a small residential village that sits on a peninsula of the Brisbane Water just below Mount Pleasant. It is largely bordered by Brisbane Water save forYattalunga in the North-east, Kincumber Broadwater in the East and Davistown in the South East.

You can find a couple of islands around the peninsula including Pelican Island, Rileys Island and St HUberts Island to the South and a small extension on the North-West of the mainland called Saratoga Island although it’s not entirely separated. Within the suburb itself there are not many landmarks besides the Brisbania Public School; most of the residents commute to the surrounding areas or work at the small establishments within the suburb itself.

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Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator