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Sydney, NSW – Australia

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We Bring It

We drive the movable pod to your location


We’ll be right around to your home to help with your personal storage unit. Just tell us when and where!

Loading It

You think you can load the storage unit? Sure. You need us to help? That's fine too.


Whether you need us to help with loading or you want to take on the job on your own, we’ll make sure the job gets done.

We Store It

Our team drives the portable unit away to our storage warehouse


The safety of your storage pod matters. So you get to lock it yourself before it arrives at our facility. After which we will deliver the storage pod to our warehouse where it will be stored safely.


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Storage Experts

Our staff is trained not just on the best ways of carrying out their jobs, they must also understand and recognise the values that our company’s very foundation is built upon.

Our customers’ positive feedback on our front line staff is a testimony to our success so far. We believe in doing it right, and we make no attempt in compromising our work ethic at any cost.

Customer Service

Understanding our customers’ needs also take priority in our company. To ensure that we are in touch with the market, we carry out essential research in the removal and storage to continuously improve our products and services.

Our high-tech portable storage module is a fine example of the result of such research. Not only are these pods made of material that is highly durable, they also allow maximum air circulation which prevents the build up of mildew, a dangerous element that could ruin furniture and other items.

Safe and Secure

We view the security of our customers’ personal assets with utmost importance when they are under our care. Thus, we innovate and put the best products in place to safeguard them:

• The packing materials that are on sale are exactly the same as the ones used by our expert removalists.
• You hold the only key to your storage pod’s padlock. Once your items are loaded into the pod, no one will have access to it because only you are authorised to bolt and unbolt the padlock.
• As our removalists load your items into the storage pod, extra protection is carefully placed in between your possessions to minimise the chance of breakage when the delivery truck is in motion.

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Eastern Suburbs

The Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is a district that lies directly East and South East of the Sydney CBD in New South Wales, Australia. The area within the district reaches from South Head penisula at Watsons Bay at the mouth of the Parramatta River down to La Perouse in the South.

The University of New South Wales and the Royal Randwick Racecourse is found here as well as the Randwick Barracks, David Phillips Sports Complec and the Prince of Wales Private Hospital. There are also a number of golf courrses in this are including the Australian Golf Club, the Lakes Golf Course and the Eastlake Golf Club inland and away from the coast, and the Woollahra Golf Club, St Michael’s Golf Club, Randwick Golf Club and the New South Wales GolfClub nearer to the Tasman sea. AT the same time, the famous Bondi Beach, Coogee Beach and the Maroubra Bay beaches are also located here.

Storage Services

One size fits all? No, we don’t believe that that works for our customers. In fact, we don’t subscribe to it at all! Every customer’s needs are different; that is why we offer different services and sizes.
Whether it is our standard “Do-It-Yourself” service or our premium one-stop service option, we make sure we have a service that is suitable for you and your family. We also make every effort to keep things simple for you on the actual project. Instead of having to organise everything yourself, our guys can sort out every phase of the removal and storage process for you.

Premium Service

Our popular premium storage service provides a solution that covers every aspect your relocation, such as packing, loading, collection, delivery and storage. We bring a portable container on the back of our pick-up right to your doorsteps and pack your items directly into it. No loading of items twice. And to make sure that nothing is overlooked, we even include two expert movers and their travelling time as part of the package.

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Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator