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Super Cheap Self Storage Canterbury Bankstown

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Across the board, most of our customers are happy to put their items in storage for the long term, but even the best laid plans sometimes go awry. Life throws all kind of situations at you and it’s really hard sometimes to just stick to the plans that you originally laid out.

We Bring It

We drive the movable pod to your location


We are always around if you ever need us to assist with your personal storage unit regardless of time or location.

Loading It

You think you can load the storage unit? Sure. You need us to help? That's fine too.


We are more than willing to help you with your personal storage unit whenever and wherever you might need us.

We Store It

Our team drives the portable unit away to our storage warehouse


We ensure the job gets done whether on your own or with our professional help.


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Super Cheap Self Storage Canterbury Bankstown wants to be flexible, no matter the requirements. We know how tough it is to find short term storage these days. Contracts generally stipulate a certain period of time that the service needs to be provided for but if something were to happen that forced you to cut a the contract short, well, you’d only be stuck at the losing end because of the legal agreement.


We handle things a bit differently at Super Cheap Canterbury Bankstown. Our Super Cheap brand will make and keep a promise to you that you will only ever pay for the services that you use.While we still have contracts, our timelines start from as short as 1 month and lead all the way up to decades! Super Cheap Canterbury Bankstown has a good thing going and with that, we hope to be able to continue serving all you lovely customers for as long as can, so don’t worry about us going anywhere!


Our contracts are flexible, if you need to cut the contract short, just give us a heads-up a week or 2 prior before you need things to be handed over so that our administrative and legal team can settle all the paperwork for you and ensure a smooth and fuss-free handover. Whatever time you haven’t used, will be refunded – no questions asked! Now how’s that for personalised service!

Unsure of how much storage space you need? Try our Storage Calculator!

The maxi mod is more than 10 cubic meters, and you’d be surprised how much you can store in it.

About Canterbury Bankstown

As a company we have been involved in the moving and storage business for many years, Bankstown, 16 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district located in the local government area of the City of Canterbury-Bankstown is a suburb in the state of New South Wales.

Canterbury is a suburb that spans across south-western Sydney and the Inner West and it sits in the state of New South Wales on the east coast of Australia.


Besides the contracts, the services we provide and our key business selling point is also flexible to you and your budget. We offer you a convenient selection of useful and helpful services including transportation and moving services.Our main business service is our Mobile Storage Units which come right to your door and back to the facility so you don’t even need to worry about transportation when contracting a storage space with us. This is a short list of other services we can provide you:


Packing and Loading Services

• AFRA trained staff to help you on moving day
• Bundled Packing Material for you to organize your items before storage
• Free protective padding (installed before transit back to the warehouses)
• In-house Insurance partners
• Other partner services to facilitate your move (painting, clean-up, pest control, etc)

Packing and Loading Services

Try Our “Quick Quote” Service

Fill out your details below and we’ll give you a call back as soon as we can.

Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator