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Super Cheap Self Storage Facility for Midland

We Bring It

Our team brings the portable storage to your premise


Super Cheap Self Storage units are entirely transportable. We can load up your personal storage unit and bring it to your doorstep on moving day!

Loading It

You can load the storage unit by yourself but we will stick around should you need help.


If you have a lot of items and need some extra hands to get things loaded up, we can offer you the assistance of our very own AFRA-trained removalists!

We Store It

We take the mobile pod away to our safe and secure warehouse


We only load it, but you get to lock it. This will ensure the security of your storage pod. Upon arrival, the storage pod will be safe and secure at our warehouse.


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Mobile Storage Solutions for Midland

Self-Storage Prices

Super Cheap Self Storage is the cheapest self storage in town and to keep our promise, we will always throw in an additional 10% discount on your final bill if you are able to get a legit cheaper quote from our competitors. This is our guarantee to always provide the cheapest self storage in town with no questions asked. Our rental rates start from just $2.94/day which is cheaper than most takeout meals. Attractive package prices are also available that comprise of added services like removalists and mobile units.

Self-Storage Units

Super Cheap Self Storage is known for our Super Cheap and super affordable storage rental rates. From just $2.94/day, anyone can start storing with us today! At such cheap prices, we make sure not to sacrifice quality of our storage units or our customer service. Our storage units interior is made of industrial grade plywood that supports a clean airflow which prevents moulds from forming or odours from developing. Our removalists are also AFRA-trained to ensure your belongings are always well taken care of even the heavies and the bulkiest of things.

Short-Term Storage

We know circumstances change for a reason and here at Super Cheap Self Storage, we will not hold anything against our customers. From a long-term storage agreement to be terminated or to be amended to only a short-term storage agreement, we will not incur any penalty charges as long as you inform our team members in advance. We will prepare the necessary changes to be made and also help you to remove your storage content if needed. We are here to ensure things go smoothly for our customers and to provide convenience even if you are only renting for a short period of time.

Self Storage Services for Midland


Whether it is your home or your office, storage space is a necessity and an asset for most of us. Super Cheap Self Storage understands this situation and so we have been providing various sizes of storage solutions to both individuals as well as to our corporate clients. Prices start from just $2.94/day and we have ample storage units for everyone with our vastly located storage facilities all over Australia. Contact our friendly storage advisors today to find out more about our attractive deals for long-term storage plans and also exclusive deals for business-to-business relationships.

Affordable Storage

At Super Cheap Self Storage, we are homeowners as well so we can truly relate to your daily struggle for more space. You could try every means possible to maximize storage at home or in the office but in due time, you will figure out that there is just so much that you can do. Why resort to daily hacks when you can simply get affordable storage at Super Cheap Self Storage that charges rental rates from just $2.94/day. We have various storage sizes you can choose from to suit your individual storage needs. We can also deliver a mobile storage unit to your doorstep for your convenience if needed.

About Midland

Midland is a suburb in the Perth, Western Australia metropolitan area, as well as the regional centre for the City of Swan local government area that covers the Swan Valley. Midland is almost always regarded as a suburb of Perth, being only 16 km away from the city centre. Midland Junction developed around the Town Hall (1906) and Post Office (1913) sites and spread slowly east and north for over 70 years.

It currently is being re-developed in part by the Midland Redevelopment Authority, which is organising redevelopment of the Railway Workshops site. Parts of the Midland Railway Workshops site are planned to house a campus of Curtin University and are already home to a large Western Australian Police Operations Centre, as well as other projects.

Try Our “Quick Quote” Service

Fill out your details below and we’ll give you a call back as soon as we can.

Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator