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Super Cheap Self Storage Melville

Melville in a new Stage of Life with Super Cheap Self Storage

Storage Melville at home, when life throws you an amazing experience, a wonderful opportunity to try out new things, visit new places, meet new people…

We Bring It

Our team brings the portable storage to your premise


Super Cheap Self Storage units are entirely transportable. We can load up your personal storage unit and bring it to your doorstep on moving day!

Loading It

You can load the storage unit by yourself but we will stick around should you need help.


If you have a lot of items and need some extra hands to get things loaded up, we can offer you the assistance of our very own AFRA-trained removalists!

We Store It

We take the mobile pod away to our safe and secure warehouse


We only load it, but you get to lock it. This will ensure the security of your storage pod. Upon arrival, the storage pod will be safe and secure at our warehouse.


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Let Us Stow Away Your Mess While You Settle Down

And best of all, if you have found that girls or man of your dreams, sometimes it takes a little logistics before you can kick back and really start enjoying yourselves and each other. Maybe after finding an apartment to share you just need a little extra room to put things for a while until things are sorted and experience tells us that it’s better to sometimes get things out of the way so that you can organize the new apartment or house. Especially if there are renovation and restructuring works going on, if you’ve made the decision to keep your existing furniture storage and items, you want them to be in the best care until your new living space is ready.

Different Sizes For Your Different Needs

Super Cheap Self Storage has 2 fantastic sizes that are available for whatever you may want to keep aside for the time being. Our Mini Mod, which can hold a rough volume of a small apartment, stands at 7 cubic metres and our Maxi Mod which can accommodate an extra bedroom or two’s worth of items gives you a whopping 10 cubic metres of space.
Maybe you’re on the way to a new country or city so that you can start an amazing job. Whatever the reason for relocating, you want things done quickly and efficiently.

Let Us Do All The Work

Forget about having to move bulky items around; Super Cheap Self Storage Solutions have a premium service that will assign 2 strapping fellows to help you with all the heavy lifting and loading right into the Portable Storage Unit which we’ll bring right to your front porch. All you need to do is decide when you need to make the move and we’ll be there to help you get things done.
Whatever or wherever life may bring you, Super Cheap Self Storage Solutions will be with you every step of the way. We’ll make sure that you’ll enter that new stage of life with a smile on your face and without a big dent in your wallet!

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Melville is a suburb in the local government area the City of Melville in Perth, Western Australia. The City governs 6 wards, mainly the Applecross-Mt Pleasant Ward, Bicton-Attadale Ward, Bullcreek-Leeming Ward, City Ward, Palmyra-Melville-Willagee Ward and the University Ward. The City is governed with an executive team with Dr Shayne Silcox as its CEO. The others are Marten Tieleman, Stephen Cope, Christine Young and John Christie.
There are a number of sporting clubs located here that are pretty well known. These are the Melville TeeBall Club, Winnacott Kats Junior Football Club and Melville City Hockey Club. There are also a number of notable museums and galleries worth visiting in the City such as the City of Melville War Memorial, the Heathcote Museum & Gallery, the Melville Discovery Centre and Wireless Hill Museum.

Storage For Any Purpose

Call Super Cheap Self Storage now! We’ll help you get settled in and stabilised into your new stage of life with that space for you to plan and work things out.
Maybe you’re starting up a new business and are looking for a small spot to call your own and keep your inventory safe. Super Cheap Self Storage will help you find a self storage solution that is easy on the account books and will give you the peace of mind that security and quality of environment are accounted for.

High Surveillance & High Quality

Our Warehouses are monitored by security 24-7 and rest assured that the materials that we use for our Portable Storage Units are ultra-breathable, ensuring that your inventory kept with us stays fresh throughout its period of stay with us.

Try Our “Quick Quote” Service

Fill out your details below and we’ll give you a call back as soon as we can.

Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator