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Super Cheap Self Storage Kensington

We Bring It

Our team brings the portable storage to your premise


Super Cheap Self Storage units are entirely transportable. We can load up your personal storage unit and bring it to your doorstep on moving day!

Loading It

You can load the storage unit by yourself but we will stick around should you need help.


If you have a lot of items and need some extra hands to get things loaded up, we can offer you the assistance of our very own AFRA-trained removalists!

We Store It

We take the mobile pod away to our safe and secure warehouse


We only load it, but you get to lock it. This will ensure the security of your storage pod. Upon arrival, the storage pod will be safe and secure at our warehouse.


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Mobile Storage Solutions for Kensington

Cheapest Storage

It is the lack of space that causes more apartment buildings to be built as compared to houses. This causes space constraint to be a common issue amongst majority of households. Super Cheap Self Storage has studied and known this fact and we provide only the cheapest self storage to ensure nobody has to continue living with it. Space constraint could cause a lot of other problems like poor living conditions that may even lead to illnesses. Thus, with Super Cheap Self Storage, anyone can be out of their storage issues today! Call us to find out more about our $2.94/day rental rate.

How much is Storage?

A quality solution does not necessarily need to come with a huge price tag. In fact, at Super Cheap Self Storage, our prices start from as low as only $2.94/day! Yes, you read that right. It is cheaper than most ice blended coffees. So, why wait? Contact us today or simply drop by any of our facilities located all across the city to check which size of a storage unit is perfect for your storage needs. We have the 7 cubic meter to fit a studio apartment’s worth of belongings or the bigger and more spacious 10 cubic meter.

Storage of Furniture

At Super Cheap Self Storage, we have different sizes for our storage units for you to choose from. The 7 cubic meter is sufficient to fit a studio apartment’s worth of items and the 10 cubic meter gives you more than ample room. We have had renters who can fit the most bulky of furniture as they came prepared with their smart organizing and arranging techniques. If you need help with the heavy furniture, our professional removalists are at your service. We will handle your furniture with tender loving care even at the steepest of stairs.

Self Storage Services for Kensington

Real Cost of Self Storage

Is it true that self storage is expensive? Well, perhaps for others but definitely not for Super Cheap Self Storage. As per our brand name, Supercheap, we only charge our renters Super Cheap rental rates. Our rates start from as low as only $2.94/day with a side option of an insurance coverage plan that starts from just $1.50/month depending on the size of storage unit you choose. With a price tag that is lower than your daily cup of coffee, anyone can afford to have that additional storage space starting today!

Long-Term Storage

At Super Cheap Self Storage and for many other businesses, we are always looking forward to your prolonged patronage with us. We offer our long-term renters attractive discounts especially for our returning customers. So the longer you rent from us, the lesser you actually have to pay every month! However, if ever unforeseen circumstances were to occur, fret not as we do not impose any penalty on early termination of your agreement contract. Simply let our staffs know in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements to help you clear the storage content in a breeze.

About Kensington

Kensington is a residential suburb 3 km from Perth’s central business district, located within the City of South Perth local government area. Kensington was named after the former Kensington Park Racecourse, which was most likely named after William Samuel Cox’s Kensington Park Racecourse, in Melbourne.

Kensington contains Wesley College’s playing fields at Morris Mundy Reserve. It borders Perth’s Technology Park and Curtin University, named after former Australian prime minister John Curtin. Kensington also contains Kensington Primary School. During the week prior to the 2006 Census, 2,265 people aged 15 years and over in Kensington (State Suburbs) were in the labour force. Of these 61.8% worked full-time, 28.2% worked part-time, 3.9% were away from work, 2.3% were employed and 3.9% were unemployed.

Try Our “Quick Quote” Service

Fill out your details below and we’ll give you a call back as soon as we can.

Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator