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Super Cheap Self Storage Fremantle

Super Cheap Self Storage Fremantle has some news for you!

Did you know that we offer the cheapest and best rates in East Perth for a Storage solution and an experience that you will never believe?

We Bring It

Our team brings the portable storage to your premise


Super Cheap Self Storage units are entirely transportable. We can load up your personal storage unit and bring it to your doorstep on moving day!

Loading It

You can load the storage unit by yourself but we will stick around should you need help.


If you have a lot of items and need some extra hands to get things loaded up, we can offer you the assistance of our very own AFRA-trained removalists!

We Store It

We take the mobile pod away to our safe and secure warehouse


We only load it, but you get to lock it. This will ensure the security of your storage pod. Upon arrival, the storage pod will be safe and secure at our warehouse.


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Only You Have Access

Some other advantages of this portability feature is that not only do you see exactly how things will be placed inside your unit so that you’ll rest assured knowing how safe your items are, but you’ll be the final authority on closing your precious belongings in securely. Our containers can be padlocked with your personal chain and padlock so that once you’ve locked up, everything inside is guaranteed untouched and dedicated until the next time you visit your container – for your eyes and access only.

No Pitstops To Ensure Safety

When our removalists start to transport your container to our facilities, know that your items are in good hands. There are no stops along the way from your location right to our weatherproof warehouses. This means that there is no need to move your container around once it’s been locked and sealed by your hands!

6-Days Easy Access At Crazy Rates

And finally when your belongings reach our private and security-monitored property, our supervisors will gently forklift your container into its own dedicated spot a few inches off the ground to really maximize the potential of airflow of that breathable material that all our containers are made of. All the while your items are with us, its care and value will be safeguarded to the best of our ability!
Now with free access 6 days a week and our crazy rates, isn’t that good news? Give Super Cheap Self Storage East Perth today!

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Fremantle is a suburb in the port city of the same name in Western Australia. The suburb itself is south of the Inner Harbour on Swan River and it encompasses the Fishing Boat Harbour where the Esplanade rail station is. The Indian Ocean is to the West of the suburb.
The area here holds some of the more prominent government and community buildings such as the Fremantle Town Hall, the Fremantle Prison and the Fremantle Hospital. There are also a number of schools here including the Christian Brothers College, Fremantle Primary School and the East Fremantle Primary School next to the John Curtin Performing Arts Centre and the Fremantle Arts Centre.
There are a large number of green areas here including the Fremantle Oval, Fremantle Park, Stevens Reserve, Frank Gibson Park and the Fremantle Public Golf Course next to the Booyeembara Park. The Royal Fremantle Golf Club sis headquartered here.

Let Us Do Everything For You

Super Cheap Self Storage East Perth has revolutionalized the storage and transportation industry with our fantastic new method of handling Storage Containers by taking a great business idea and making it MOBILE!
Yes! Mobile right to your doorstep! You no longer have to haul your bulky cupboard from the upstairs bedroom and into a stinky and rented truck just to get it to a storage facility. At Super Cheap Self Storage East Perth, we’ve taken the initiative to give you the options to make US do it for you!

We Provide Manpowet As Well As Resources

Our 7 metre cubed Mini Mod and 10 metre cubed Maxi Mod are designed to be ultra portable from us to you and give you the added ease of loading and packing up your portable storage pods in the comfort of your own premises!
You can choose to place your items within the industrial grade plywood containers or even opt for some additional benefits like getting our strong men and women to help you load the container up! If you like, they will even come a little earlier and give you a hand with packing up your items in our double-enforced cardboard boxes. You’ll see our AFRA trained team bundle the boxes up in protective padding that we provide for free so that even while on the road, whatever is in the container remains safe from any unexpected jostling.

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Fill out your details below and we’ll give you a call back as soon as we can.

Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator