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Super Cheap Self Storage Como

We Bring It

Our team brings the portable storage to your premise


Super Cheap Self Storage units are entirely transportable. We can load up your personal storage unit and bring it to your doorstep on moving day!

Loading It

You can load the storage unit by yourself but we will stick around should you need help.


If you have a lot of items and need some extra hands to get things loaded up, we can offer you the assistance of our very own AFRA-trained removalists!

We Store It

We take the mobile pod away to our safe and secure warehouse


We only load it, but you get to lock it. This will ensure the security of your storage pod. Upon arrival, the storage pod will be safe and secure at our warehouse.


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Mobile Storage Solutions for Como

Storage and Handling of Furniture

Furniture requires proper storage especially those that are made of materials that can deteriorate easily in quality like leather and wood just to name a few. Super Cheap Self Storage has just the right sizes of a storage unit that can fit even the most bulky of your furniture pieces. Choose from the 7 cubic meter to fit a studio apartment or the larger one at 10 cubic meter. With an industrial grade plywood interior, you can rest assured that your furniture will remain in their original condition until the day that you come back to our storage facility to retrieve them back.

Real Costs of Storage

There are many self storage providers in Australia and Super Cheap is amongst the most competitive of them all. This is due to our Super Cheap rental rates that start from as low as only $2.94/day with an expensive industrial plywood grade interior. Your storage unit content remains fresh throughout your entire rental agreement period and that is the reason why our customers keep coming back for all of their storage needs. We ensure quality is guaranteed at all times without hitting skyrocket rental prices and this is our promise to you and to all of our loyal customers.

Long-Term Basis Storage

Super Cheap Self Storage has various sizes of self storage units that can cater to all of your storage needs regardless of how long you may need it for. Some of our customers require the additional storage during a relocation whereas others may need it as a more permanent storage solution. We have various packages in store for you and the longer you rent with us, the more discounts will be offered to you. If ever halfway through your agreement contract, you need to terminate it, do inform us in advance and there will be no penalty incurred because flexibility is always guaranteed.

Self Storage Services for Como

Storage Prices

You must have heard about the rapidly growing self storage industry and wondered just how cheap Super Cheap Self Storage truly is. Super Cheap Self Storage charges you from as cheap as just $2.94/day and our sizes come in either the 7 cubic meter module or the larger 10 cubic meter module. Depending on the additional space you require, you can use our online storage calculator to get a rough estimation of which storage module better fit your storage needs and your budget as well. This way, you can be sure that you will be paying only for what you use and not the extra space that you do not use.

Cheap Self-Storage

Urban living has witnessed many families having to downsize their apartments and live with huge space constraints. This could be a daily dilemma especially with households having more than just a couple of family members. The lack of space could hinder their desire to live in a clutter-free environment which is conducive to lead a healthy family lifestyle. Super Cheap is aware of this situation and our affordable storage units that start from as low as $2.94/day will definitely help you and your family tackle the issue of space constraint. Sizes range from the 7 cubic meter that can fit a studio apartment or the larger one at 10 cubic meter.

About Como

Como is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, with a population of 12,423. Its local government area is the City of South Perth. The suburb of Como was originally made up of three land grants, purchased by Christchurch farmer Edmund Hugh Comer in February 1891. The land was subdivided in 1905 under the name Como Estate, which is thought to be derived from either the owner’s surname or the area of the same name in northern Italy.

Como is serviced by the Canning Bridge railway station and the Canning Bridge bus station. There are four schools in the area. These are the Collier and Como Primary Schools, Como Secondary College and Penrhos College, a private all-girls school which has a primary school and a high school.

Try Our “Quick Quote” Service

Fill out your details below and we’ll give you a call back as soon as we can.

Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator