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Super Cheap Self Storage Solutions for Perth

We offer you the best storage solutions at your doorstep!

Mobile Containers that are transported right to where you are will entirely change your perspective on how you pack, load and manage your items in storage.

Gone are the days when you have to worry about maneuvering bulky items into a rented truck to a distant and unfamiliar storage location, we’re here to make it that much more convenient for you by taking over right from the minute you’re done packing.

Our team is happy to give you a plan that’s made to order just for you, your budget, your time frame and anything else that may concern you and remove all the stress from coordinating everything into our hands. Let us worry about things for you and just get it done.

Super Cheap Self Storage Perth is a business that serves YOUR business

Businesses tend to get looked over sometimes because of all the things that need to be considered with your growing company. Sometimes, it’s good to outsource a business function to a professional to really make use of the advantages of a tried and tested method to really make your company excel! Super Cheap Self Storage Perth has experience handling fast moving goods and products while combining the right blend of assistance and accessibility to facilitate your operations to flow as seamlessly as possible.

Here are just some of the ways that we can help you:

  • If you need more space for your inventory while undergoing an expansion
  • If you need to maintain a historical documents and just need to find a space for your files
  • If you’re office is planning a move and you need a safe and secure place to hold items during the transition
  • If you just need more room to go about your daily duties.

Besides our normal moving and storage services, these are some additional features we provide that are particularly helpful for your business when you use Super Cheap Self Storage Perth as your storage solution.

Super Cheap Self Storage Perth specialists and removalists can plan and coordinate your relocation from the packing to loading at your old office all the way to the arrival at your new location.

Our big, strong men are skilled to handle even the most delicate items like the electronics (computers and telephones) and artwork and they’ve got plenty of experience taking apart and putting back together your workstations, cubicles and shelving.

And because we want to help you right down to the last detail, Super Cheap Self Storage Perth can even take care of asset disposal in a secure and safe manner.

We’ve got loads of experience with being gentle with furniture and antiquities, on the move and on the ground.

Furniture is NOT cheap. And especially if you’re got beautiful art pieces around, you’re going to want to be extra careful around them, what more so the people who you’ve got coming around to handle your furniture during the move. Rest assured that our guys come prepared and trained AND fully equipped to handle whatever you may need for us to have a go at.

With our premium service, our removalists will treat your items with so much care that you’d be more than satisfied that your precious furniture is in the best hands. We’ll dance your sofas and cabinets out the front door and into our transport vehicles where we’ll bundle up your items in protective padding and lining to make sure that every extra precaution is taken from causing your items damage or harm. And we’ll even do it absolutely for FREE!

Don’t even worry about the care of your furniture while in storage. We all know that upholstery, especially leather and other textiles are extremely susceptible to the elements. Super Cheap has already accounted for that, and we are pleased to offer breathable storage units which will safely lock in all the goodness yet allow lots of ventilation while the mobile unit is in our keeping.

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